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Need to lose weight but don't have time. How do you/busy mums fit time in for exercise etc.?

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foxinsocks Mon 02-Dec-13 12:50:52

I am heavier now than I ever have been. I need to lose around 5kg. I can't fit into ANY of my work clothes sad, have gone up 2 sizes and urgently need to get back on track otherwise I will need to invest in a new work and casual wardrobe (seriously). At the moment, I have bought 2 pairs of work trousers to tide me over sad.

Here is my daily schedule - just looking for tips as to how you all fit it in. Am a mum of 2 kids (12, 13), am separated.

Wake up 6.30am-7.40am wake up, shower, get dressed for work, do breakfast for kids, make sure they are ready to go to school, leave house at 7.40.
7.40-9am commute to work (train)
9-5.30/630 (ish) work
5.30/6-7.30pm commute home
7.30pm-9pm sort out dinner, sit with kids if they have homework to do, basic catch up of washing, dishwashing, running around finding PE kit etc., might have to do 30 mins more work
9pm collapse in front of telly normally
10-11pm bed

Weekend on Saturday, ds has sport. He plays in a football league so that normally takes up most of Sat morning so say 8-1pm. If we are driving, we normally stop at mcD on the way home for lunch. Rest of weekend, I can get free time but normally spend a good few hours doing washing, putting clothes away, monitoring the kids doing homework. Also try and see a group of friends virtually every Sat from around 3pm-7pm otherwise I would be v bored and lonely!

Sunday I am so knackered, I normally try and do a family thing (so going out for a walk or going out for lunch) and then have a quiet afternoon/evening sorting out stuff for the next week.

I don't enjoy exercise so would rather get it out the way. Going to a gym is probably a no no. I have joined so many and I never go (I live where it's hard to park so the thought of coming back and driving round 30 mins looking for a parking space really puts me off).

Am also guilt tripped a bit as kids often say I don't spend enough time with them etc. am thinking exercise videos from home might be an idea?

CreamyCooler Tue 03-Dec-13 14:00:17

In that case I would really recommend Davina Macall workout DVD's, especially her older ones you can get on Amazon for a few pounds. I now do one with 20 minute workouts but if I'm short on time I just do the first 16 minutes of the kegs and bum one.

lyndie Tue 03-Dec-13 14:08:06

I hope you don't mind me saying but your work week is packed! Is there any wiggle room like working from home a day a week or any sort of flexi time?

foxinsocks Tue 03-Dec-13 16:20:03

Thanks creamy. I am looking at the shred one and will look for the davina 20 min ones too. They don't seem to be too expensive on amazon smile.

My work is what it is and won't change sadly though I'd kill to work less hours, now I'm on my own it has a much greater significance!

Thanks all, you have really spurred me on to sorting this out!

ErrolTheDragon Tue 03-Dec-13 16:58:15

Fox - yes, age does seem to make a difference, unfortunately - but you can fight it! I started doing the shred and 5:2(the latter in a fairly casual way - eating more on the 5 days than I used to!) this summer and I've lost ~4.5kg but significantly fitter, stronger and more 'toned' - and I'm 52.

tinselkitty Tue 03-Dec-13 17:03:28

I'm in the same boat (ish) with a young baby and little to no childcare options.

However, pre pregnancy I lost 3 stone over 2 years. I used myfitnesspal app and logged everything I ate and drank, I also do 30 mins wii fit per day. I found it fairly easy.

Atm I'm lacking the drive to use myfitnesspal and log everything as life is so manic but it's definitely do-able.

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