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RockinD Wed 13-Nov-13 13:25:54

Wondering if anyone else has done their 4 week free trial.

I'm three weeks in and becoming increasingly concerned about this operation for a number of reasons:

1.There is a hard sell on foodstuffs and supplements eg chia seeds at £7.50 a packet.
2.There is one lady in the group who is struggling to follow the plan simply because she works shifts. She is receiving no encouragement from the group leaders - she just gets told that what she is doing is wrong.
3. Some of the 'advice' given has been extremely poor. The leaders appear to have no understanding of the causes/effects of common health problems.
4. There seems to be an internet campaign going on to discredit Patrick Holford, whose organisation this is. What's that all about?

Does anyone know what happens at the end of the free trial? My DH reckons we will be asked to continue at great expense.

Can anyone add anything to this?

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Mitchy1nge Wed 13-Nov-13 13:29:58

I don't know what zest4life is, but you can buy a whole kg of chia seeds for about £18 on amazon.

RockinD Fri 15-Nov-13 15:29:18

Has nobody else been seduced by their offer of a 4 week free trial?

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Iggity Sun 17-Nov-13 09:59:17

Hi, i have just started this and had first meeting of 4 week trial. There was some food on dispkay (granola and bounce balls) but there was absolutely no hard sell. The leader even made a point of daying they are there to have a look at, you can buy if you want. This was in the last 5 mins of the session and very little time devoted to it. Like you I read about PH the day of my trial but decided to give it a go. I imagine after the 4 week trial, you can continue but at a price. If you look on the website, you can see the options. I won't be paying but will carry on myself. Have about 1 stone to lose. How are you finding it?

Regarding the person in your group working shifts, I can't really comment on that but the plan seems very adaptable but the key seems to plan well in advance. Our leader is a nutritional therapist, albeit from PH's organisation but his name was not mentioned too much.

amble1953 Wed 29-May-19 12:58:52

Just put search on this subject & found others looking etc.Got all the GL books, found them not to my taste or time allowance. Just ordered a pocket book giving the GL values online. To lose weight supposed to not go over a 40 rating so hoping when pocket book arrives I can work my own simple meals out with the daily allowances. Joined zest4life's newsletter but heard nothing yet but know I can do it alone. Hope this helps anyone thinking of going down the expensive route. My little book was approx £2.50 & it is in the post.

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