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Giving up chocolate for Lent Club !

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binker Sun 22-Feb-04 11:22:02

I must be quite mad, but Lent begins on Wednesday and I'm planning to give up chocolate (incl. any chocolate related foodstuffs) for the duration - does anyone fancy joining me ? I eat chocolate every day and love it dearly, so I look on it as a test of willpower,plus it might be good for me !! Also,as a very lapsed Catholic I think there is a bit of the self-denial thing going on !
Any suggestions for choc free snacks ?
Thought about giving up coffee too (I have a passion for real coffee made in my little espresso pot- twice daily) but I think that'd be going a bit too far !

suzywong Sun 22-Feb-04 12:01:39

You know your opening line was the exact same one I was going to use, but hats off to you if you do it, I'm sure your inner self and your waistline will be happier for it.

Mum2Ela Sun 22-Feb-04 12:17:23

Binker - am not religious in the slightest but I will join you! I eat far too much chocolate - a couple of bars a day sometimes - I should be at least 3 stone heavier really! But my trousers are feeling a bit tight at the mo so will be goig to the gym a bit more and the no-cho will def help.

So we start wednesday - how long does lent last?

binker Sun 22-Feb-04 12:23:33

40 days (& nights !) Mum2Ela, until Easter Sunday when it is choc fest !! Think how much we can get down our necks then !! Actually,I did this last year,gave up choc,I mean and it was a very good feeling -though when it came to Easter Sunday I held off eating any chocolate for quite a while (ok, until the afternoon !)- in a funny way I was quite sad that the fast had come to an end !
Thanks for joining me !

Mum2Ela Sun 22-Feb-04 12:26:43

Blimy! Thats a long time - will power - I can do it! HOw exciting - I need things to occupy my mind at the moment - it will be cool - we will do it and be all 'our bodies are temples' at the end!

Allegra Sun 22-Feb-04 12:28:33

I am toying with the idea but I'm a serious addict. (I often have chocolate for breakfast just to get me going in the morning!)

binker Sun 22-Feb-04 12:42:38

go for it Allegra - it can be done !! Do you think that Caramac bars count,or is it the thin end of the wedge ?

Mum2Ela Sun 22-Feb-04 12:55:45

Allegra - go for it! I sometimes do that too, esp if I have missed breakfast and am in work, chocolate seems just so easy! In fact, i think i will find it hardest being in work - colleagues often leave me chocolate on my desk as presents as they know I can't function without it!

Allegra Sun 22-Feb-04 13:13:42

DH choked on his coffee,laughing when I mentioned it so I am going to have to do it now to prove him wrong.
Wouldn't attempt it without a support group so good idea, Binker.
If you're allowed caramacs can I have a tiny sprinkle of choc on my cappucino? Just to make it look prettier.

binker Sun 22-Feb-04 14:29:21

oh God,I'd forgotten about cappuccino decorations ! Trouble is, if we allow little things like that to creep in it'll make our resolve much harder,trust me,I know. So I won't try caramacs. Will also not be able to have my daily FAB lolly because of the pretend chocolate bit on it (am addicted to FABS whatever the weather- my diet must sound bizarre !). I will so miss maltesers too.It's my dh's birthday on March 1st and I've thoughtfully bought him a solo chocolate supply - of course,there's no question of him giving up to lend support.

JanHR Sun 22-Feb-04 17:54:14

I will join you if I may.

Do you want me to ask if thy can move this thread to the slim mamas club board? I am sure a few of them would like to join you.

mckenzie Sun 22-Feb-04 18:22:59

I made this same rash promise to myself today and in DH's earshot so now I have to stick to it. I'm also giving up crisps and picking the skin around my finger nails (gross gross habit, I hope I haven't put anyone of their dinner!)

I will also be going to Lent lunches at my local church hall every wednesday and will have to give a progress report no doubt to my sister and mum and my sis can always always tell if I'm fibbing so I think I shall have to stick with it but having the extra support from Musmnetters will be invaluable.

ps. DH bought a huge family bar of fruit and nut only last nihht. I've eaten about 3 rows of it already - it's got to all be gone by wednesday so I might as well huh?

binker Sun 22-Feb-04 18:42:04

JanHR - yes, that'd be an idea...
have eaten a Twirl and some chocolate cake today !

GenT Sun 22-Feb-04 19:11:23

Don't mean to be a party pooper. I am Catholic and will be doing something for Lent, not giving up chocolate as I can whithold easily. Don't drink coffee so that won't work. Maybe eat a proper diet or a healthier one, no idea.

But I think Lent is a good time in general to start something or practice more of something, be it .....
- hold your tongue and not get angry
- practice patience
- do those exercises you have been trying to muster the energy from new year's
- anything you wish, just practice it for the duration........ a whole 4 0 days

Is there any other thing one can give up or practice more, that will make us happier at the end of forty days?

I just think of Lent as a time to pick up on those new years resolutions that have been lost along the wayside. Anyone else shares that opinion?

JanHR Sun 22-Feb-04 19:33:55

Binker - Request sent to mumsnet

Bron Mon 23-Feb-04 11:11:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sandyballs Mon 23-Feb-04 13:14:01

Excellent thread. I was thinking I need to lose some weight and this is a bit of an incentive.
I think I might go slightly further though - no sweet things at all for 40 days!!

GenT Mon 23-Feb-04 14:27:45

I think some you might be getting too hard on yourselves. Giving up all together is difficult and success is more to be acheived if you practice restraint. Instead of having a whole bar, just eat a little cube or square. Being able to see and say I won't take anymore or I don't need to eat the entire thng is more powerful than giving up all together.

Remember, moderation is the key to everything.

I am going for a proper breakfast every morning, not just toast and giving the excuse - dd needed hers. We will both have breakfast, she only gets hers first.

Mum2Ela Mon 23-Feb-04 14:29:47

GenT - giving up althougher will be far easier than just having a little bit (would def want more!) so I am sticking to that!

sandyballs Mon 23-Feb-04 15:04:31

I agree - all or nothing at all, that's me!

JanHR Mon 23-Feb-04 15:25:09

I am the same, all or nothing. I know that if I have a little bikt I will want more.

vict17 Mon 23-Feb-04 19:03:49

Hi - can I join too? I'm 35 weeks pregnant and the good intentions of eating healthily went ages ago!! I've eaten maltezers (which I love) and about 7 choccy biccies today (gross). I think I'll give up coffee too - I only have one cup a day but usually with chocolate spread on toast - the 2 go together oh so nicely

binker Mon 23-Feb-04 22:42:48

yes, it has to be all or nothing with me too - which is why I'm not risking the fake chocolate on my beloved Fab lollies... tomorrow is the last chocolate day everyone !!!!

JanHR Mon 23-Feb-04 22:45:16

JUst realised I will have to give up my hot chocolates too.

Rhubarb Tue 24-Feb-04 09:56:41

Ok, I'm going to give up choccies too, seeing as it's Lent. It'll be hard, but easier than the time we gave up meat. So count me in!

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