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zumba anyone?

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working3jobs Sat 19-Oct-13 17:53:47

going to give this a try, proper couch potato!

what do people wear to classes please? t shirt and joggers?? trainers/pumps etc.

don't want to look a complete prat.....


Bubbless Sat 19-Oct-13 18:06:02

I'm pretty sure this is the exact post I wrote about 6 months ago! (Have now lost 3 stone doing Zumba and are one of those eager people at the front!)
I wear cheap unbranded shoe zone trainers, sometimes cropped leggings, sometimes joggers, a tank top or dps tee shirt and sports bra, hair dragged back into a tight pony tail and Sports bra.. Remember the sports bra! Whatever you wear I'm sure someone else will be too! Good luck!

Bubbless Sat 19-Oct-13 18:06:47

Oh and no/ very minimal make up, you don't want to worry about your foundation sweating off!

working3jobs Sat 19-Oct-13 20:57:52

thanks so much, am going to feel very self conscious as it is!
wish me luck!
(I'll be the 45 year old with creaky joints, wobbly bits and no co-ordination stood at the back!!)

Bubbless Sun 20-Oct-13 08:29:56

Most of my class is 30+ (I'm 21!)
I promise you, even when your going left and everyone else is going right it's not the end of the world!!
Just enjoy it!
Good luck!!

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