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Gastric band yo-yo's - getting it cranked again?

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SantiagoToots Fri 18-Oct-13 18:14:48

I had my band put in 2006, got lb's from my goal weight and was really happy with myself. Fast forward 2 pregnancies and an unbelievable amount of stress and I've put on 3 stone. Still way off my top-top weight but the goalpost have since shifted iykwim and now this weight is really dragging me down.

I had the band completely loosened about 18 months ago and in that time have put on about 5lbs, so that isn't actually that bad.

I'm thinking of getting it cranked tight again but my husband says it makes me miserable - but being fat makes me miserable too - and isn't this the point? We got this tool put in so we could use it. confused

My weight loss really slowed with the band in about 2008, but I'm wondering having had 18 months off it might've re-booted my body.

Does anyone have any experience or wise words? (n.b., telling me to eat less won't cut it! ;) )

Talkinpeace Fri 18-Oct-13 22:30:18

Are you in control or is that piece of plastic?

Because your answer to that question determines the rest of your life.

If the "band" was a tool to teach you a method then you are in control

If, as soon as it is loosened, you eat as you did before, it is in control.

Decide who the boss is and then the answers will follow

(weight loss comes from the brain not the stomach)

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