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Mumsnet Slim Mamas Club Week 7

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Hulababy Fri 20-Feb-04 18:58:29

Thought I'd get the new week thread started. How is everyone feeling? I have a big, naughty diet-wise type of weekend ahead of me - lots of food and alcohol! Oh well, will starve next week to make up I guess.

Kayleigh Fri 20-Feb-04 19:00:22

Have had a really bad today today. Started off with finishing the kids chips off at lunchtime and has gone downhill from there via chocolate biscuits

Hulababy Fri 20-Feb-04 19:02:29

Oh no Kayleigh. Well it is a new week now, so you can start afresh. DD is barred from anything tasty that I like just incase

My weekend food includes, in addition to copious alcohol, home made bread and butter, chocolate and marshmallow fondue, etc.

Lisa78 Sat 21-Feb-04 00:30:44

I am trying hard this week, I have decided! Except I took DS1 to pizza hut today and used all my points on one meal
Salad all day after that!
And long walk tomorrow to desperately try and claw back some points!!!!

Ailsa Mon 23-Feb-04 12:20:05

I might not do so well this week, got 2 nights out. Going to the pub with WSM and Georgina on Wednesday, then going out with the lads for a drink (or 2 or 3 or more) and curry on friday. At least I'll have most of the week to work it off.

Demented Wed 25-Feb-04 19:21:45

How is everyone feeling about the big weigh-in then?

melsy Thu 26-Feb-04 08:20:43

Anyone heard form becca recently?? I emailed her on our mamas address as I had some good news , but didnt want to brag , but I havent heard back. Is she ok????

melsy Thu 26-Feb-04 08:52:51

Hellloooo anyone there ???

JanHR Thu 26-Feb-04 08:59:33

I think she is losing her computer soon. 7th march , so not sure what we will be doing then

melsy Thu 26-Feb-04 09:36:04

oooh no!!

Hulababy Thu 26-Feb-04 19:46:11

I forgot to e-mail as been so busy. After such a busy weekend I put on half a pound Hopefully it'll come off again this week though.

Beccarollover Thu 26-Feb-04 21:13:10

Hi girls

Sorry Ive been crap again this week - had lots on at home - kids starting nursery this week and have had to go to my old job to sort things out as maternity leave ends next week! I wasnt ignoring anyone

Big well done to Melsy - she has managed to lose 13lbs even with all she is going through at the moment!! **********

Im at a friends house at the moment as I joined slimming world tonight - I'll be compiling this weeks results when I get home so will get them up as soon as possible for you.

Hopefully, I have sorted out a replacement computer so shouldnt be going offline Yay!


Demented Thu 26-Feb-04 21:13:36

No results?

Beccarollover Thu 26-Feb-04 21:15:40

I'll be doing them as soon as possible when I get home - have had busy busy busy day - the run up to going back to work so have had loads to sort out


Demented Thu 26-Feb-04 21:15:44

Good to hear from you Becca, sorry I think I was posting at the same time as you. Well done to Melsy!!! Is that 13lbs in total or 13lbs this week? Fantastic!

Demented Thu 26-Feb-04 21:17:06

Sorry again Becca, honestly posted before I had seen your post.

Demented Thu 26-Feb-04 21:17:27

Both times.

Beccarollover Thu 26-Feb-04 21:45:21


Here are this weeks results!

As always, first column this week, second column total

150percent 1.5 9
Demented 2 13
Hulababy -0.5 14.5
Codswollop 0.5 7
Dmum 0 10.5
Melsy 0 13
Lisa78 1 3
Beccaroll 1 5
Kittypickle Snowed Off 12.5
Miranda 3 7

Huge well done to codswollop and Miranda both getting silver sevens this week for their first half stone


Also a silver seven for Melsy


8.5lbs between us this week and grand total of 149 pounds

Attendance is slowly dropping away - think of the summer dresses girls!!!!

JanHR Thu 26-Feb-04 21:53:53

I will start again when I get back from my mums on 14 march

Codandchips Thu 26-Feb-04 22:26:51

thanks br (blushes)

Codandchips Thu 26-Feb-04 22:33:13

has anyone els seen the bigmamas congratulatuiions card you get for a silver 7?!! I was really chuffed. thanks Br - you are working hard ont his...cna you put it on your cv?!!

Demented Fri 27-Feb-04 08:15:31

Well done everyone! Especially all the silver sevens!

Hulababy Fri 27-Feb-04 08:17:39

Well done ladies I will be back on track his week, promise!

Ailsa Fri 27-Feb-04 08:36:09

Sorry, forgot to email from work yesterday, haven't dropped out. Didn't get own computer back until after 10 last night.

Anyway, stayed the same this week Becca.

melsy Fri 27-Feb-04 10:13:31

Thank you so much Becca for the well done card, very thoughtful thing to do. I was really chuffed with that this morning, a very nice touch.

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