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Planning to lose weight ultra slowly

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Rollermum Fri 18-Oct-13 12:33:23

I have been a chronic yoyo dieter since I was 14 (31 now). I have a thyroid problem, under active, which meant I gained 3 stone in a year and it is still with me!

I have tried loads of diets. I had a lot of success with low carb (Atkins), but it made me binge like crazy and seemed to affect mental health.

I gave birth 4 weeks ago and weigh 16st 8lbs at 5ft 7. I was 15st 7lbs before I got pregnant.

I am sick of crazy dieting mentality and want to lose weight slowly and permanently. I am hoping to do this with exercise - I love resistance training and am keen to get back to playing roller derby. Diet wise I want to do the minimum so I don't release the crazy and also because I am breastfeeding.

At the moment I am eating too much grabable sugary crap because still living a bit chaotically with the baby. I'd like to try intuitive eating again.

Anyone else trying to lose slowly? I am aiming for a lb a fortnight. Which sounds lame but I've lost loads of weight quickly before and it always returns!

Rollermum Fri 18-Oct-13 12:35:29

Meant to say I want to lose more than that original 3 st now! Goal weight is 12-12.5 stone. Sounds heavy but I'm quite robustly built and want to keep my strength! I'd be a 12-14 at that size which would be great.

cloudskitchen Fri 18-Oct-13 18:17:27

I think losing weight slowly is a great idea. especially with a baby. have you tried getting out with the pram a few times a week? that helped me lose weight after having mine.

Talkinpeace Fri 18-Oct-13 22:25:39

Hi there and welcome.
You are 4 weeks post partum so all diets are reading rather than doing for at least the next 8 weeks.

I'm a fan of 5:2
read the Tips and Hints thread and see if it makes sense for you

but for now, enjoy snuggling with your tiny thing

Rollermum Mon 21-Oct-13 18:51:57

Hey both,

Yes, am taking it slow at the moment. I'm not doing anything particular to lose except switch from sugary snacks to nuts and fruit. I am giving up dairy as an experiment (it has given me hives in the past, and they are back. Also LO has a rash and digestive probs). So my diet had changed but I am making sure I eat when hungry.

I am walking loads - keeping me sane!

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