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Alizonne - read before joining!

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NUFC69 Wed 16-Oct-13 18:46:39

Sorry to hear that you have such a poor view of Alizonne - for me it has been nothing but positive. Have to say, though, that the clinics do vary in what they charge and I think you have been unfortunate in that respect. I went to Silverlink in Newcastle and paid £240 a week at first, which included the treatment, sachets for the week, all vitamins etc., and all blood tests. As I got onto the next phases and reduced the number of sachets I had, the cost dropped a little. Now I have reached my target goal I am able to go for a review once a month for at least a year without any cost. (I intend to do this as an incentive to be careful). Good luck with your new diet.

PS Just talked to my DH and he says I never smelled bad at all!

PPS I decided at the start that I would set aside the time to do this, to get to a healthy weight, as it would revolutionise my life (which it has!). No I didn't drink alcohol at all, and no we didn't really go out for meals whilst I was doing it, but I was creative with the sachets and my DH and I always ate together - win, win for me.

Gailtogo Mon 14-Oct-13 05:24:37

I've just been through a week on Alizonne and have decided its not for me. I do accept that it may work for some people, but seeing as most of the comments on this site seem so positive, just wanted to add my experiences. First of all, it's an extreme diet. 700 calories a day, and even so called healthy veg, such as carrots are banned. You cannot drink, have milk in your tea, or eat any meals with your family. You are restricted to certain free veg, such as cucumber, celery, runner beans etc. with a daily allowance of veg such as courgette, green beans, peppers etc. Secondly, it's very expensive. The initial investment is close to £600, after adding your consultation, blood tests, supplements, and starting food sachets. Then you're looking at £220 to £340 a week thereafter depending on whether you have one set of treatments or two. Thirdly, a lot of it is vile. The supplements are horrid and difficult to take. There's a seaweed type liquid which is disgusting, and a number of huge pills, some of which smell really bad and are huge. Some of the sachets such as hot chocolate and some of the desserts are actually nice, but the majority of the savoury ones are totally indelible. So, you end up with a whoe host of unused sachets, thus increasing the cost again. Finally, you stink! My OH gave me a hug last night and exclaimed 'ugh, you stink' Which I think was the final straw for me. So, 1 week and £880 later, ive lost 6lb, which is great, have had absolutely no energy, have been teary and bad tempered, and I stink! To be honest I would have lost 5lb on a onventioal diet in the first week. I don't think it's a scam (though I'm yet to find anyone who has kept their weight off), but I do think people need more information before making this huge investment. So, off to the supermarket to stock up on healthy fruit, veg and carbs, and back to conventional healthy eating for me.

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