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Sorry Girls

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Beccarollover Thu 19-Feb-04 20:34:33

Im afraid Ill have to do the results tomorrow - Ive been out all day and I have some reports to do for work tonight - will post as soon as I can tomorrow


Hulababy Thu 19-Feb-04 20:40:14

No problem at all Becca! If you need any help with anything (well, maybe not the reports ) let me know; only too happy to

crystaltips Thu 19-Feb-04 21:04:36

ooooh - reports ?? What are these ??

I haven't been reading the Slimmers club thread - becuase I feel so fat ....
But if I have to report to someone and might get a gold star at the end of it - fat chance - scuse the pun ... I might join in ....

What's the plan then ??

Hulababy Thu 19-Feb-04 21:09:38

I think the reports are Becca's work - job!!!

But she does a fab job of looking after our progress. We send her our wieght loss each Thursday and she presents it for us, with a total weight loss so far too. And when we lose out first half stone, we get special e-mails. And also we get motivational e-mails every so often too

Beccarollover Thu 19-Feb-04 21:13:34

Ive been really crap with the motivational emails recently - been soooo busy (and pretty unmotivated myself) they will be back next week girls!

crystaltips Thu 19-Feb-04 21:18:45

Can I join ???

I feel that I better had .....

<<<skulks off to a corner and opens stale ryvita packet >>>>

popsycal Thu 19-Feb-04 21:20:58

she hasn't had me to motivate her to come online this week

Hulababy Thu 19-Feb-04 21:22:07

I think you have had plenty on your mind anyway this week Becca!

You do just fine for me

Demented Thu 19-Feb-04 22:14:14

Arrrgh! It's OK will let you off this time!

Hope you get your reports completed!

Demented Fri 20-Feb-04 18:55:15

No results yet or am I missing them somewhere? Could have done with the weigh-in being this morning I've actually lost some weight this morning. Ah well nevermind, store it up for next week, hopefully although Friday night beckons and DH is already talking wine etc.

Hulababy Fri 20-Feb-04 19:00:35

No, none yet. Becca was pretty busy yesterday though and I think she comes online a bit later than this normaly. I am sure she'll have them done as soon as she can though. I had a good week too (not boasting though)

Demented Fri 20-Feb-04 21:47:42

Just read your post Hulababy, well done to you, over a stone now! I think my post may have been misleading, I didn't lose anything when I officially weighed in on Thursday but this morning I have lost 3lbs (terrified to mention the amount in case I put half of it back on before next week), it's really annoying!

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