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Alizonne 2013 - Has anyone kept the weight off?

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Zazzi65 Thu 17-Oct-13 21:54:35

Hi there Gailtogo! I can't believe I have only just found these discussions on here as have been doing Alizonne (successfully) for quite some time and am right at the end now having hit my target weight and maintained for a while.

I lost 2.5 st over 3 months but have been very happy with progress and although I didn't always enjoy every sachet, I tried to be creative and find different ways of using them. I can really sympathise with people who are struggling... It's hard at times but you have to stick with it.. It is sooooooo worth it in the end.

Understand what you are saying but if you can stick to it, I have met people who have kept the weight off long term and I'm sure you could too!

I am now going to get rid of everything though as I intend to keep up my exercise and eat healthily for ever.

I have the following available if interested:
14 sachets Margherita Pizza
13 sachets Cheese Omelette
6 sachets Mushroom Soup
6 Sachets Hot Chocolate
24 sachets Orange & Pineapple drink
2 sachets Chocolate Cereal Dessert
1 sachet Tomato soup
These were all bought fairly recently value in total £185, I will accept £90 for the lot (and will throw in 2 shakers - hardly used) or will sell all separately - please message me if interested...

Also - set of supplements available - again only had a few out of some of them, some are brand new... Total value £84, will accept £35

Good luck - keep going and I know you will be successful ... I am very happy with my journey!!! X

Gailtogo Sat 12-Oct-13 08:45:23

Hi, I'm a week into this diet and so far so good. It's not particularly pleasant, but then, no pain no gain. I'm still torn as to whether it is a long term solution to weight loss, and can't help thinking that if I'd been this disciplined on a normal diet I would have lost weight anyway. I'm also concerned about some news that it actually reduces your metabolism longer term. I've invested a lot financially and emotionally (around £700 already) but am thinking about swapping to a calorie controlled food plan, maybe keeping a few sachets. Is there anyone out there who has successfully kept the weight off for years rather than months?

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