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Quit the fags, gained just over a stone.

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theothermrssoos Wed 09-Oct-13 11:44:39

So for the last year, since I quit the fags, my weight has soared to 11st 9lbs, I am 5"3 and I have bi-polar disorder. I usually hover at 10st - 10st 7lbs. I also have the coil in. And being treated for IBS/Coeliac at the moment. Waiting on tests to see which it is.

I've discovered that I can eat low calorie and not lose any weight. I have to exercise. Every day. Hard.

I've been really ill the last few weeks and haven't been able to exercise but have barely eaten and have managed to gain 4lbs. Its so confusing. I long to be back in my size 10-12s. To not have to fight with my wardrobe every morning, to not cry with frustration that no matter what I wear I always look like a blimp.

I love doing Jillian Michaels workouts but they leave me so sore that I can't do them more than twice a week, if that. I also have 10 Minute Solution DVDs and I plan to start doing those more frequently, once this rotten tooth has been removed.

DH & I would like to start trying for a baby next summer but I feel like I can't until I've hit the 10st mark - I couldn't handle putting pregnancy weight on top of this sad

Anyone else struggle to lose weight that they've gained following quitting smoking? Or just struggling in general?

litdog Thu 10-Oct-13 23:33:15

I started running when I gave up fags and so lost weight. After a couple of months I bought myself an expensive pair of jeans with the money I would have spent on fags.

It's very bad luck being so ill, but I was always spurred on by the statistic that smokers are generally more overweight than non-smokers. I think it's true, too.

I am now thinner than I was when I smoked (I gave up over 10 yrs ago) because running has become a habit, and I have become gradually healthier in terms of what I eat and drink as I've got older. In my 20s I lived on crisps and chocolate and wine!

I hope you start to feel better - your lungs must feel better, surely?

Whatever you do, don't go back on the cigarettes!

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