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HotMamas - Five years on, are we fit or are we fat???

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FjorGynAndHotWater Mon 07-Oct-13 20:03:13

New thread, this one WILL work!!!!

FjorGynAndHotWater Thu 09-Jan-14 09:03:41

Wow 4weeks you are doing amazingly well! Congrats at making it down to 12 already smile

SP hope your massage sorted your shoulder out and you had a fab evening!

Scuppered by crisps at work again <sigh> blush and consequently back up a bit to 12 5.5. Fasting today so no succumbing to temptation although am hungry already <eek> better go and get a cup of tea instead...

4weeks Thu 09-Jan-14 21:06:32

Hope the fast day went well today Fjor! ...unlike you I ended up eating a burger and 2 glasses of wine - ooh not good.

The rest of the day was low cal though and I walked 3 miles so hopefully not too much damage; I maintained at 12 this morning so although 11.13 is what I want to see I think it's unlikely based on today!

FjorGynAndHotWater Fri 10-Jan-14 07:35:31

Mmmmm burger and wine sounds good 4Weeks <drool> hopeit didn't scuppered you too much!

Fasting went mostly ok, ended up eating more chocolate after tea but not too much. Down to 12 4.5 which is brilliant considering i was 12 12 on Saturday but still v v bad as was just a whiskers over 12 stone 3 weeks ago! Hoping weekend Will contain some restraint ... grin

ServicePlease Fri 10-Jan-14 09:01:17

Fjorny, that is brilliant!

4weeks, I was diverted from plan by scampi & chips and cider grin

So, was 10.12.5 today. A relief to see 10 rather than 11 on the scales if I'm honest.

Looking to rediscover mojo soon...... hmm

4weeks Sat 11-Jan-14 15:52:08

11.13 on the scales today! With 2x birthdays outings this weekend I doubt I will see it again until at least Tuesday but I can live with that! Slowly but surely.....

ServicePlease Mon 13-Jan-14 09:13:18

10.13 <eek>

So, done with Xmas, new year, birthday an AF so no excuses now!

Downwards it will be......

FjorGynAndHotWater Mon 13-Jan-14 09:45:09

Just 0.5 on for you this weekend spaff, that's pretty good! Lol @ my phone changing sp to spaff!

Not so good here, all went tits up again from Friday lunchtime and ended with pizza and ice cream last night blush so miraculous to be only up 2.5 to 12 7. Will do better this week!

4weeks hope you were not too undone with partying!

BingoWingsBeGone Mon 13-Jan-14 20:46:06

Unfortunately the 0.5 is real weight not just water retention I'm sure.

My arms are horrific shock

BingoWingsBeGone Mon 13-Jan-14 20:46:49

BTW I was going to rename myself spaff and then looked up the definition <bleugh>

FjorGynAndHotWater Mon 13-Jan-14 21:36:20

Ewww sorry! I had no idea blush. But why did my phone know that word????? shock

BingoWingsBeGone Tue 14-Jan-14 08:15:46

Ha ha, no worries

10.11.5 today <phew>

Will try and get some sort of exercise in today...

BingoWingsBeGone Tue 14-Jan-14 12:52:36

2.5 mile walk, Shred Level 1 with weights. Yay, go me grin

4weeks Tue 14-Jan-14 19:24:09

Well done Bingo!

Joined a new gym Monday and did a 45 minute cycle, boring but necessary... got me back to a solid 11.13 this morning! 11.12 tomorrow would be fabulous but think that will happen on Thursday morning as long as I get another gym session in tomorrow.

BingoWingsBeGone Tue 14-Jan-14 20:20:19

Well done on the gym; I love it when I am there, it is just getting there which is an issue and I do manage to put it off a lot too

I usually go to circuits on a Weds which is brilliant but am working away tomorrow (on my day off hmm) so will miss it which is not ideal when I am trying to get back on track and into my regular routine. hey ho.

Do you work FT 4weeks? Walking to work sounds great but mine is 15 miles away so not really a viable option when I have childcare runs either end of the day.....

BingoWingsBeGone Wed 15-Jan-14 06:40:16

10.10.75. Right direction smile

Arms are like doughballs up close. Grim. hmmgrin

FjorGynAndHotWater Wed 15-Jan-14 07:30:37

Good to see so much exercise going on, hope it's making you both feel good. My back still giving me gyp this is the latest in a loooong line of excuses... so still doing it via food alone. With you on the wings though bingo blush. Will try and remember to get some hand weights next time i am near argos in the car!

Going down though <phew> am 12 3.75 this morning so already a 'real' loss of 1.25. Hoping for 3 this week, just got to avoid period carb cravings. Luckily most of the sweet stuff at work atm is Christmas cake which i don't like so much easier to avoid temptation grin

BingoWingsBeGone Wed 15-Jan-14 20:51:45

Fjorny, you're doing really well smile. By my reckoning you are up 3.5 on 20 Dec and me 2.25 which isn't horrific. We CAN do this!

No exercise but done ok on food today smile

BingoWingsBeGone Thu 16-Jan-14 07:31:16

0.5 off to 10.10.25. Would love to be into the 9's tomorrow.

FjorGynAndHotWater Thu 16-Jan-14 11:06:37

Great stuff bingo, I'm sure you'll make it, as long as it's not pub night tonight wink

I'm still 12 3..75 , hoping a combination of today's fast and losing some period bloating will lose me a lb or two... I'm really hungry though!

BingoWingsBeGone Thu 16-Jan-14 19:22:56

How has the fast been Fjorn? I have eaten bugger all the whole week well since Monday hmmgrin. Seems to be helping the reversal.

No pub tonight - that's next week so hoping for an ok weigh in tomorrow.

FjorGynAndHotWater Thu 16-Jan-14 20:41:31

Lol Bingo I have only been good since Monday too blush

Had nothing to eat all day then scoffed a delicious tuna salad so feeling pretty virtuous if you ignore the mayo... scales not looking like they will be down too much tomorrow but they will be down some so that's OK. Wondering whether to have a last cuppa before bed or wiill that extra water come out in time for weigh in???

BingoWingsBeGone Fri 17-Jan-14 07:03:24

10.10.0. Bugger.

2.25 off for the week which is ok. Need more exercise.

FjorGynAndHotWater Fri 17-Jan-14 07:28:14

That's pretty good bingo, you are pretty

FjorGynAndHotWater Fri 17-Jan-14 07:35:55

Lol bingo i think my phone likes you grin i was saying... You're pretty close to your acceptable range so that's a good start

I'm down 2 to 12 2.5 , sure it could be more but fewer carbs plus fasting is causing my insides to hoard what they have, need some syrup of figs....

Anyway what i really need is a higher ratio of good days to greedy days. No biscuits or crisp for me today heard it all before

Luckoftheirish Fri 17-Jan-14 08:54:04

Well done ladies smile still here tho working pretty much full time shock so complete shock to the system! It's a grab and eat when I can need some healthy snacks!

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