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HotMamas - Five years on, are we fit or are we fat???

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FjorGynAndHotWater Mon 07-Oct-13 20:03:13

New thread, this one WILL work!!!!

FjorGynAndHotWater Mon 07-Oct-13 20:10:58

12 11 today, was 12 6 on Friday. Need to leave the cake alone blush

StrictlySazz Mon 07-Oct-13 21:13:11


Swerved a platter of sandwiches today. Man that was hard!!

HelgatheHairy Mon 07-Oct-13 22:41:39

creeps in, looks around, wonders if she's in the right place

I'm not sure what the joining criteria is here. I'm hoping to find a thread which isn't dedicated to a specific diet and I can dip in and out of a bit.

DD is 8 weeks old and I'm breastfeeding so I'm not dieting as such but the amount of sugar I'm eating isn't good for anyone.

waits to see if she's kicked out

luckoftheirish Tue 08-Oct-13 07:57:04

5yrs???!!! Oh my god I have been bouncing around trying to lose these 10lbs for 5 yrs!! grin

Anyway was in Dublin at the weekend, hovering around the same as last Friday dependent on where I put the scales blushgrin going to make a real effort the next few days!

StrictlySazz Tue 08-Oct-13 08:31:18

Hey Helga - nice to see you and congrats on your DD thanks

We are a small crew here (3 hardcore members lol) so a fast moving thread we are not grin. However we have other folk who pop in from time to time and we are pretty friendly.

As the title suggests we have been going on for 5 years now, so you can call us committed if nothing else

My 'story' is overweight pretty much all my life (14-16) but pretty fit. Went up to 14.3 after the dd's with little time for exercise and eating too much.

In 2009 I lost 4 stone and have managed to keep most of it off (currently battling with the summer holiday excess)

Off for school run but back later.....

FjorGynAndHotWater Tue 08-Oct-13 09:59:12

Hey Helga, you are very welcome to join in but like Sazz says we have been at it a while now with not much success of late... I lost 3 stone back in 2009 and have spent the following 4 years putting on and losing the same bloody stone. Currently still at least 2 stone to lose...

Was 12 10 this morning, got period so explains my need to eat half a mars abr for my supper blushblushblush Fasting today so might wee 3 out if I'm lucky.

HelgatheHairy Tue 08-Oct-13 10:37:11

I'd like to hang around if you'll have me! I get lost on fast moving threads so slow is good. I'll introduce myself...

I'm 34 and DD is my first. I've hovered between 10-12 stone all my life except for a very brief period following a break up when I went down to 8.5 stone. This was my perfect weight really as I'm 5 foot 3. But then met my now DH and lots of eating out and I went back up again.

I lost a stone last year on the 5:2 diet but then discovered I was pregnant so stopped. Somehow (despite copious amounts of cream doughnuts) I'm now only 4 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. I was 11 stone 3.6 when I weighed myself Saturday.

DH and I have kind of decided on going to New York next May so I'd like to be a bit more in shape for that.

So that's me!

HelgatheHairy Tue 08-Oct-13 10:39:42

I don't think I'll ever get back to 8.5 stone. I'd be happy to be 10 stone by May and have a goal of 9

luckoftheirish Tue 08-Oct-13 10:45:57

Welcome helga smile we are a friendly bunch smile tho our motivation leaves a lot to be desired gringringrin

HelgatheHairy Tue 08-Oct-13 11:08:04

Are you Irish Luck? I'm in the South West.

luckoftheirish Tue 08-Oct-13 11:40:47

Yes I am smile but live in the uk smile

StrictlySazz Tue 08-Oct-13 12:03:24

Ooh I was so busy writing my life story I forgot to update grin

1 off to 10.13.5.

Helga I am 5.5 and got down to 10 at my lightest - was a size 10 for me as I seem to be of the 'heavy for size'' disposition hmm

Ideally I want to be between 10 and 10 1/2.

I have tried low carb, 5:2 and everything in between but have finally accepted that eating 1200 cals a day and 4 lots of exercise a week is the only way I lose weight. A tad dull, but effective

Congrats to you on being close to pre-preg weight; that's a great place to start from smile

Oh, and I am in the South West too....

StrictlySazz Tue 08-Oct-13 13:05:12

Level 1 shred with cardio weights <phew>

HelgatheHairy Tue 08-Oct-13 14:47:22

Feel even more at home with the Irish here! Not a great start - PIL called with a ham & coleslaw roll and a chocolate eclair. Was yummy though.

StrictlySazz Tue 08-Oct-13 15:04:00

Aha, I'm south west England, but love Ireland grin

Your PIL's sound fab!

HelgatheHairy Tue 08-Oct-13 22:09:08

I was actually a little freaked out I might run into you Strictly!

PIL ARE amazing. I'm very lucky.

StrictlySazz Wed 09-Oct-13 07:22:25

10.11.75 so almost back to Friday's weigh in <phew>

Gym today

FjorGynAndHotWater Wed 09-Oct-13 09:11:56

-2 to 12 7. Bit of a groundhog day as was 12 7 last Wednesday and the Wednesday before that and the Wednesday before that... Need to NOT eat cake today. Fat club are charging 50p per sinful item scoffed so might manage to avoid overindulgence for once!

StrictlySazz Wed 09-Oct-13 09:29:31

Oh boo Fjorn. Cake avoidance vital I think grin

I just checked and down 1.75 on last weds so pleased with that.

On treadmill now.......

luckoftheirish Wed 09-Oct-13 09:29:53

Well done ladies that is great work smile

Stuck fast again <sigh>

StrictlySazz Wed 09-Oct-13 11:08:19

5k walk/run with arm weights
50 mins circuits
10 mins powerplate

Very sweaty grin

StrictlySazz Wed 09-Oct-13 12:01:42

Note to self: do not bring on freshly washed super skinnies to wear after a workout & shower, especially when you have forgotten to bring fresh pants and so are waggling a naked arse in the air and trying to jump into said jeans commando blush

Alternatively, step 4 paces to your right and use the cubicle with a curtain if such a situation should arise hmm

Numpty grin

HelgatheHairy Wed 09-Oct-13 13:31:47

gringrin that sounds awkward Strictly!

My dog decided to help with my healthy eating - he ate the half a chocolate eclare DH had left for me!

Today I discovered a jar of crunchy peanut butter in the press. There's significantly less of it now!

HelgatheHairy Wed 09-Oct-13 13:32:26

That should be grin grin

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