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Beccie77 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:42:24

Hello all Alizonners out there, starting a new thread as the old one is full to bursting, and I still want to know how everyone is doing and any tips.

MangoesAndPeaches Tue 31-Mar-15 17:28:20

Hi fishcalledwanda1960, can you please let me know which diet you are on as I am looking for an alternative to alizonne/alevere, but I still would like the medical supervision and the skin treatments. Thanks

pamela64 Mon 23-Mar-15 13:08:11

Hi have you any advice as am about to call to make appointment for consultation but have a lot of reservations about suppliments and post weigt loss.

Thanks Pam

dm2ooo Mon 23-Mar-15 11:49:44

Hi everyone

I started a new thread called Alevere / Alizonne as the name has changed.

pamela64 - the supplements are ok and I am used to them within a week. The pills are big and the potassium fizzy tablet is not nice. But I think 20 secs unpleasantness once a day is worth it, if it helps maintain steady weight loss.

I have read on other threads, doctors prescribing alternative tablets if any are a particular problem. See if you can get a free chat before you pay for a consultation.

pamela64 Fri 20-Mar-15 15:07:43

Hi - am thinking about going for a consultation but have fears that I won't be able to tolerate the suppliments.
Can anyone help

Delilahcrose Tue 10-Mar-15 14:18:12

Hello all smile I'm just due to start alizonne at the end of the month so am trying to stock up on some sachets if anyone is selling in order to save myself a few quid.


choco123 Wed 18-Feb-15 17:48:37

to fishcalledwanda1960

Hi could you give me more details on what diet you are on
I'm still on alizonne and hopefully nearing the end but its been so hard the food is yek I<m always interested to no about other diets and I< quite intrigued about the one your on

I<m at the Carlisle clinic they are lovely people it<s small only 1 treatment room the clinic comes under the name SILVER LINK CLINIC I< glad IV done it hopefully that should be me but if not hopefully what you tell me will do for in the future


mystery21 Sat 14-Feb-15 19:05:18

@Pollyann7 the new site and name is alevere and website has changed to this name to

mystery21 Sat 14-Feb-15 19:03:53

Week two nearly complete. I have to say i have had a few challanges with away day conferences and i stuck to the shakes and am so proud. My new found treat is vanilla and rhubarb. Weigh in on Tuesday, hows everyone else doing

mystery21 Wed 11-Feb-15 08:56:29

I decided to join AZ. Saw Doctor on the 21st Jan and started AZ on 4th Feb with the sachets. Decided not to have treatments as needed to be in ketsosis . Had first lot of treatments yesterday have 4 stone lose and had lost 1.8kg. Loved both the treatments. Was told at the clinc the plan is changing with more food groups being added. should take place over next couple of weeks. I attend the maidenhead clinic.. I have long days and am finding I am hungry as soon as it hits 2.5 hrs after my sachet.
Look forward to hearing of everyones progress

Pollyanna7 Mon 09-Feb-15 19:52:45

Anyone any idea what's happened at Alizonne Leeds this weekend? All the phone lines were down, there was very little food and hey presto today it has a new name!! Alivar or Alizar or something. All very mysterious but someone I spoke to there today was very cool, or actually should I say extremely RUDE and said it had just been 'rebranded'! So...what does that mean? Is it the same product and why were clients not told it was going to happen? I am booked in for my final treatment and medgem next Sat and I feel uneasy now. Anyone on here know anything? smile

Beckent Mon 09-Feb-15 13:20:37

Hi I have just started week one. Any tips as still hungry. What can I snack on. On target for 9 stone loss.

Beckent Sun 08-Feb-15 17:20:07

I am on week one of Alizonne with target weight loss of 8.stone 10, phase one in 22 weeks. I go to the kent Clinic, struggling with hunger and wanting to pick at food, any tips? desperate to lose the weight so want to stick to it. Any recipes that work with taking to work would be appreciated. and what do you do when you are travelling?

Fishcalledwanda1960 Sun 25-Jan-15 17:33:27

I was very successful on Alizonne and lost nearly 7 stone. The problem was that when I stopped dieting, it all went back on again.

Now I am now on another VLCD, where the food composition is similar, but includes 100% RDA, so no extra pills. Unlike Alizonne, the food tastes really good, so much so, I actually look forward to eating it! The texture is also relatively normal and the variety far wider. Now I don't have problems going to the loo, which proved a real issue for me and others I have spoken to on Alizonne. I've also found a skin treatment which is very effective - essential with such a large weight loss.

Alizonne was costing me about £200 a week 3 years ago including doctor's fees, blood tests, pills, food and skin treatments. Now, I spend about £110 a week now on food and skin treatments and am losing about the same amount of weight every week. I intend to get some help from a therapist in terms of long term weight maintenance.

singleandfabulous Thu 22-Jan-15 13:04:01

Munchkinbug I'm back on it and down 10 lbs thanks so no (lasting) damaged done hopefully. they said it's very common for people to go off the rails over Christmas and then start again so I didn't feel too bad. I have half a stone to lose before I'm at my target weight. (quiet whoop!) Normally, I start March with dread at the prospect of having to lose the stone I put on over christmas, yet again.

Lexy61 Wed 14-Jan-15 11:14:56

Hi, I have noticed a number of blogs about Alizonne therapy. I have tried this before and was very successful with the weight loss - I lost 4.5 stone, it was absolutely fabulous.
Unfortunately, I have recently had a very bad bout of depression, which has led to apathy and weight gain. I can't afford to go back to the clinic and wonder if any of you have any spare sachets you are looking to sell. I just want a kick start to get the energy levels back to get back to my exercise regime.

Bordertart1 Wed 14-Jan-15 07:57:04

I had my first appointment yesterday. I have a target of 5 stone 1 pound to lose. Can't wait to see the GP on Friday and then hopefully get started. Went to a cafe after my appointment as I had fasted for bloods and chose a very healthy lunch instead of my usual rubbish so I'm getting in the right frame of mind already. :-)

I'm hoping that the weather is ok on Friday as I gave an hour and a half to drive to the clinic. Keep your fingers crossed for me please.

Dowser Tue 13-Jan-15 11:20:20

Sorry to hear that munchkin. I hope it can be rectified in the near future.

I'm sure your health has improved considerably.

Munchkinbug Tue 13-Jan-15 11:00:27

@SingleAndFabulous - how are you getting on now after Christmas? Hope you're back on track smile

@Sprinter47 - how has your first week been? Have the headaches gone? Mine lasted about three days, then just disappeared, and haven't been back since, thankfully!! When is your first weigh-in, have you already had it?

@Dowser - unfortunately I do have saggy skin. My tummy and boobs are like crepe-paper and I look like an old lady. However, the doctor said that considering I lost over 5 stone in 5 months, my skin in MUCH better than it should be, and isn't as bad as I believe it is. She's probably right - we're always more critical of ourselves than anybody else is! I use a body brush, and I need to get some firming cream. If I still think it's bad in a year or two, then I might look into surgery. But we'll see how things go. It's not as if I have an urge to wear a bikini any time soon (I'm a rash vest and surf shorts kind of girl), but I'd still like to feel good for myself.

@BorderTart1 - good luck! It's very exciting, and it's a wonderful feeling taking back control of your life. Keep us all informed smile

I have my final medgem review on 31st January. Very nervous about what the results will be!

Bordertart1 Sun 11-Jan-15 08:02:21

I'm due to,have my first appointment at the Berwick Upon Tweed clinic on Tuesday and see the Doc there on Friday - can't wait to,get started on this weight loss journey, I just hope that they accept me as I have suffered from gout in the past, and know that fast weight loss can trigger it again.

I'm such a fussy eater that I hope I can find a variety of foods that I like so that I'm an stick it out, I'd like to lose 5 stone but realistically should lose more to get onto a healthy BMI.

Dowser Fri 09-Jan-15 08:55:09

Can I ask a question munchkin. Congratulations on an amazing weight loss btw, have you managed to shed all that weight without any saggy ness whatsoever . You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

My cousin lost 20 stone with a week of Dukan and a week of slimming world and it took a long time but he didn't end up saggy. He went to the gym .

I'm not doing alizonne . I couldn't afford it and only want to lose a stone and I couldn't do the headaches etc

No I'll just plod on with a bit here and there but I'm amazed at the success some of you have had. Jafajo springs to mind. Well done and I hope you all manage to keep it off .

sprinter47 Thu 08-Jan-15 13:16:41

Hi everyone, I am new on here!! I started the Alizonne programme on Tuesday. I have 5 stone to loose. Still trying to find sachets I like the taste of, quite like the omelette and chocolate pudding but thats about it so far. I dont feel hungry at all but I do have one problem though, MAJOR headache that I cant get rid of. Anyone else experience this and how long do they last for?

singleandfabulous Mon 05-Jan-15 16:02:18

If anyone has any spare Alizonne sachets, I'd be happy to buy them off you.

singleandfabulous Mon 05-Jan-15 14:43:08

Anyone else fallen off the Alizonne waggon spectacularly? After losing stones last year, I've put on 10lbs in December so am thinking of going back and starting again. Do they allow this or do they chase you from the from the building with brooms?

lady412 Sun 04-Jan-15 13:43:05

Hi guys and girls smile i am joining alizone this wednesday!! I'm so excited! Any tips/ help?? Also, any secret money tips would be nice as im a student and low on money. Aha.
Thanks x

Beck813 Fri 12-Dec-14 11:18:59

Hi All - so I took part in the Alizonne therapy and unfortunately did not work out for me. I have quite a lot of food and supplements (which I have only used a couple) and around 19 sachets of food: peach and mango drink (4) smoked bacon omelette (4), beef soup with onions (4) chocolate drink (3) and oatmeal with hazlenut and cinnamon (4). I have nearly 3/4 packs full of quinton and also the supplements. Please let me know if you wish to purchase smile I don't want all this food to go to waste when someone else could make better use smile

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