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Damn it. Think I'm going to have to hit the gym. Toning up success stories??

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WineAndSunMakesMeHappy Thu 03-Oct-13 12:45:49

So, in January I was 170lbs (12st2) and today I am 127lbs (9st1). Yay! grin

However I have had one child, and my stomach does have stretch marks and is soft. I'd also like to tone up around my under arms and upper arms.

I think I kind of thought if I got down to a good weight, I'd magically look like a bikini model! Alas, no....time to hit the gym, as although I'm pretty slim-ish now, I'd still not be that comfortable in a bikini.

Any advice, success stories, general discussion much appreciated......I'm 5ft 2 if that makes any difference....

Peachypossum Tue 15-Oct-13 17:16:09

I do 4 classes a week and a little extra at home after dropping from 13 to 10st. I'm 5'5 and a size 10. I love what I see in the mirror now, my thighs are so much better and you can see tone in my arms and back, stomach and bum! Also my chest, not sure how to describe it but omg it looks better! I mix high impact cardio with a weight class and some strength training. Occasional swim or run. I started losing weight in feb but started the gym in May. We're off on holiday soon and I'm chuffed with how I look in a bikini! Two things though, after two babies my tummy is still a little rounded and weight loss reduced the boobs!! So, not a bikini model but a body I would gve been envious of next to the pool earlier this year!

Talkinpeace Tue 15-Oct-13 18:30:34

Yoga Classes
Pilates Classes
Wii Fit at home
Jillian Michaels The Shred at home
Weight training at home or at the gym

You'll get there surprisingly fast.

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