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Something like Slimming world on my own?

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MrsPatrickDempsey Sun 29-Sep-13 07:42:12

Is it possible? I am really not keen to go the organized sessions (embarrassed and a bit out off by the cost). I am being naive if I google some if the principles and go it alone?

poachedeggs Sun 29-Sep-13 07:50:03

There's one starting locally but I can't afford it just now. Never done anything like it but I gather you have protein days and carb days or something?

olibeansmummy Mon 30-Sep-13 20:25:43

Try just logging your calories in myfitnesspal.

mydoorisalwaysopen Mon 30-Sep-13 21:55:05

I followed the principles without going to classes and lost two stone in about 12 weeks. I was on green days the whole time and didn't eat cheese, chocolate, bread, meat or sugar. But did eat just about everything else. I was never hungry. I also drank very little alcohol. Nearly three years later I haven't regained the weight.

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