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Beccarollover Tue 17-Feb-04 20:08:06

Slipping down the slippery slope? Fallen off the waggon with a bump? Ask for help from fellow Mama's here!

crystaltips Tue 17-Feb-04 20:14:56

Can't ask now ..... Crap timing ... have my nose in a bottle of wine watching the Brits

applepie Tue 17-Feb-04 20:17:23

teehee, me too crystaltip - it's the ads! Back here very soon...

lilibet Tue 17-Feb-04 20:18:19

you won't put any weight on as long as you only sniff it!!

fairydust Wed 18-Feb-04 10:23:12

I need help -

i'm doing SW but crave what i call normal food - basically crap food crisps choc white bread -

I want to be slim but just consentrate with dd being ill alot of the time i just don't have the energy to prepare lab meals.

today is a bad day

fairydust Wed 18-Feb-04 15:09:35

i just ate a huge cream cake and want more

crystaltips Thu 19-Feb-04 11:42:55

How do I eat ( and drink ) what I like without putting on weight .....

I'm on the seefood diet ....

I see food and I eat it

I'm fine until tea time - when I have to feed the kids - then I out my nose in the trough and keep in munching HELP!!!

Kayleigh Thu 19-Feb-04 11:50:31

fairydust, can't help with the white bread - unless you syn it, but if you have a green day you could eat mounds of syn free chips. When I eat them I always feel like I'm being really bad.
And if you crave crisps what about making those lasagne sheet taco thingys. They are almost as good as the real thing.

I know exactly how you feel. This is how i fell off my diet a few months ago, craving all the things i shouldn't eat, or should only have in moderation, but once i started I couldn't stop. And I ended up putting on a stone and a half in a few weeks.

Do you feel any better today ? Think you can fight it ?

lilibet Thu 19-Feb-04 11:58:02

I'm on the whiskey diet - I've lost three days already!

Demented Wed 07-Apr-04 15:29:19

Please post any motivational messages here. I have decided not to email motivational messages as we have at least one member who doesn't want me to reply to her email address as she doesn't want her DH to find out about Mumsnet, it is easier for me to remember to not sent this member any e-cards etc than remember not to include her on any mailings.

This way is good because all you lot can help me out!!!

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