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nesslee03 Fri 27-Sep-13 16:49:23

Hi all, iv had slim & save in my cupboard now for over a week and I really can't seem to get stuck in, I really need to lose 3-4 stone, I'm a nurse that does only nights and I find it really hard to eat such few calories across a 12.5 hour shift. Then only 4 hours sleep a day. I do this 4 nights a week! Very down about this as iv spent years doing nights just getting heavier , I'm not even a big eater but I eat the wrong things at the wrong time.. Iv tried slimming world & ww but fail at both as one wants u to eat all u can and the other more restricted.. I just want to weigh 10 stone again!! If anyone who works nights can. Share their success or how they work their meals out, I would love some words of advice . X :-)

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