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Cambridge diet??

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Mama4412 Thu 19-Sep-13 16:49:22

Hey everyone smile

I'm starting the cambridge diet on Monday and apparently I have to start on sole source. I know it's not an ideal way to lose weight but I'm so bad at learning healthy eating habits that I chose this because I'm hoping that when I get to my goal weight I'll be so scared to put any back on ill be super careful lol
Ok I'm getting to the point lol... I'm 26 and Currently I'm 13st 8 and 5'3 tall.... My goal is 10st.... I'm really scared I'm going to get droopy saggy teabag boobs lol atm I'm 38 DD and iv always been sizes C/D but since having my son and gaining weight they r now at there biggest and not as perky as they were!
Has anyone had any experience with boobs sagging in this diet?
I'll be swimming loads in the first 2 weeks while on ss and then move onto gym workouts (cardio/weights) once the calories get higher.

Would love to know any opinions on the diet and success stories... Please be kinda tho I accept ppls views I do not however accept abuse smile

Thanks smile

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