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I want to lose 2stone by Christmas! Ripping and others I need you!

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SPBisResisting Sun 15-Sep-13 22:31:48

OK I have had for too many days 'off' the diet recently and am in danger of undoing all my previous good work. I am currently creeping up to 12st, which is a weight I promised myself I'd never be again, and so I would love to lose about 2st by Christmas - anything in the very low tens would be AMAZING.
So I am going to:

- Restart the Shred - I've not been as bad at this as I could have been but for one reason or another have had lots of days off. I was enjoying (in a masochistic way) level 2 and so need to carry on
- Calorie count again, but not try to eat ridiculously low calories (was often at 600-700)
- Eat meals and <gulp> no chocolate until I sit down for the evening
- Remember why I'm doing this. Diabetes, joint pain, heart attack - all less risky than when I was over 16st but still an issue.
- Go shopping when I am nearing my target - I did this in the summer and really enjoyed buying clothes I thought I looked good in as opposed to how shopping has always been for me - what do I need, and what do I look least worst in? That'll do.

And I'm going to use this thread for motivation. I will report in. Feel free to mock me if I'm not here - it means I am slipping up and face down in a box of haribo
(for the kids, obviously)

ChipAndSpud Wed 18-Sep-13 13:01:36

Well I went to pilates last night which was great, but I did spoil it by having some ice cream for pudding blush Still I haven't succumbed to the vending machine as yet today grin

BinarySolo Wed 18-Sep-13 13:06:16

I prefer it to my fitness pal as certain foods are free so you can fill up on fruit veg and salad. It basically encourages healthy eating habits. I used ww to loose 5 stone previously. I bought one of their database calculators and have never actually been to a meeting!

ElBombero Wed 18-Sep-13 14:10:55

Aww thanks, don't feel as old as I thought i would, with a 2wk old n bf lots of meals out planned this week then gonna start the diet on Monday, think ill order Paul McKenna lots going cheap on eBay x

Pinkpinot Wed 18-Sep-13 14:16:04

Binarysolo, youre not the heaviest blush i think thats probably me!

I'm so confused about what method is best
I don't want to count points or sins
I'd like a good calories counter if anyone can recommend one
Maybe I'll check out mfp?

Going out tonight, do that will be a challenge!
Can't decide on movies or dinner, which one will I be able to control better?!

SPBisResisting Wed 18-Sep-13 15:00:49

Congratulations on the baby boy binary!

SPBisResisting Wed 18-Sep-13 15:01:47

Oh and I was 16s6 when I started losing weight when dd was about 2. I have no idea what I was 3weeks after giving birth to her!

DorisShutt Wed 18-Sep-13 15:42:03

As I say I'm 12 stone and only 5ft 2" so not that much lighter compared height to weight ratio; it's not about what we are now - it's what we are going to be...

<throws up a little bit at the twee nature of previous comment>

BinarySolo Wed 18-Sep-13 16:05:18

Aw thanks everyone. I was over 17 stone at my heaviest and I know I don't want to be there again. I looked like the lead singer of the commitments blush or meatloaf on a bad day blush blush

BinarySolo Wed 18-Sep-13 16:07:39

Oh and Doris, there's nowt wrong with a good dieting mantra even if they can be a little twee.

A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips and all that!

ThermoLobster Wed 18-Sep-13 16:14:52

Hi all. Thanks for asking about the dog. No real change. She is at the animal hospital and we are waiting for a call from the specialist vet.

I have done well today, yoghurt and raspberries for breakfast, chicken breast and salad / veg for lunch. Drinks have probably been the naughtiest. Skinny latte, an Oasis and a cherry coke zero. But cannot function without my morning latte so not going to give that up.

RippingYarns Wed 18-Sep-13 16:44:17

i'm only 5ft2...i win on the shortarse/fatarse stakes grin

i really think i can do this, you know? i fasted on monday, and today i really haven't wanted to overeat at all, tomorrow will be my next fast day.

ElBombero Wed 18-Sep-13 22:02:33

So how are the majority going to battle this 5:2 / calorie counting / WW. I think for me 5:2 is going to work just need some inspiration. Think it's ok doing whilst BF?

ChipAndSpud Wed 18-Sep-13 23:02:10

Oh dear...I was doing so well today with my eating...had cereal for breakfast, a tuna and cheese panini for lunch, a turkey salad for dinner and then DH went and bought those M&S extra chocolatey milk chocolate biscuits (I scoffed 5)!

Still tomorrow is another day, and I have an aerobics class too!

I may have burnt some extra calories today by having a near meltdown at work (bad day!)??

Speaking of work, I need to start taking the stairs instead of the lift don't I? grin

ThermoLobster Thu 19-Sep-13 06:11:16

ElBombero - I don't think I would have been able to fast whilst bf but I am no expert on 5:2 - the thought of it scares me!

BinarySolo Thu 19-Sep-13 06:40:03

From the 5:2 diet website:

Who shouldn’t fast?

There are groups of people who should not make such major changes in eating patterns including pregnant women or nursing mothers, children and teenagers, Type 1 diabetics, those with other medical conditions, and those who are either very lean or have a great deal of weight to lose. Those with Type 2 diabetes, immune issues and other chronic conditions should talk to their specialist before embarking on this plan. The same applies to people with a history of eating disorders or psychological issues around food or appearance. If you have any concerns about your health, talk to your GP before starting a new way of eating.

Thought breast feeding would rule this diet out as it all seems pretty sensible.

RippingYarns Thu 19-Sep-13 09:19:08

Day 2 fasting and all I've had so far is a black coffee

Am about to shred after run/walking back from school, if I don't get back on thread by 10.30 please send chocolate:-D

PassTheTwiglets Thu 19-Sep-13 09:40:34

<wobbles in to join thread>
<sits down and breaks the thread's sofa>

Hello there, can I join you too? I am hyoooooooge at the moment sad 5ft 3 and was 14st 9 but have just got down to 14st 5. And I said I would never, ever go above 13st again sad I'm really feeling it - my knees ache, I get tired after doing the school run (we only live 10 mins walk away!) and I've got no energy. This MUST be sorted - feel like it's now or never.

I do old-style WW but don't go to meetings - I have tried lots of diets but this one really suits me as nothing is banned and t's eay to drink wine on WW It would drive me crazy to have to count everything I eat but I know it really well and only have to weigh one or two things a day, usually. I manage to cook quite nice and filling evening meals on WW - last night was roast chicken and fat-free chips and tonight is a big heart stew made with the leftover chicken. Smoked salmon omelette for lunch.

Twiggy (the most ironic nickname ever)

PassTheTwiglets Thu 19-Sep-13 09:41:31

t's eay = it's easy

DorisShutt Thu 19-Sep-13 09:56:39

Hmmm... weight watchers... sounds more and more my sort of thing if I can drink wine grin

I'm just really loathe to pay for an app or something and only use it once or twice. confused

RippingYarns Thu 19-Sep-13 10:07:06

Come on in, Twiggy.

I know I was close to the 14st mark when I started the shred this time, is this something you would try too?

It's ok us eating less for a period of time, but what about when we stop dieting?

What happens then?

And I made it btw, off to find some air to eat :-D

Pinkpinot Thu 19-Sep-13 10:10:07

Went out for dinner lady night, Japanese restaurant , so just had the chicken and prawn sticks and edamame beans. Did have 2 beers though
Resisted the ice cream at the movies!
Still came in about 1400 cals, so v pleased
My downfall is a few drinks and then my willpower goes out the window

SPBisResisting Thu 19-Sep-13 10:12:21

Hi twiggy smile
Not a good day yesterday, was dd's birthday. Am sort of determined to get back ti it today but also really stressed and thinking sod it.
This wont last long, childcare issue. Once it's sorted I shouldd get back on an even keel

Breadandwine Thu 19-Sep-13 11:35:04

Couple of points, folks…

About fasting whilst bfing: There are at least a dozen mothers on the main 5:2 threads that I've seen bfing successfully whilst fasting. Dr Mosley says not to, but, IMO, that's just to cover his back.

ElBombero, if you go onto the main thread there will be loads of help and advice, I'm sure.

About WW: I'm a gold card holder of many years standing, and I was given a goal of 10.10. When I started 5:2ing I began to lose weight without even trying, and, over the next 8 months I lost 22lbs - so I now hover between 9.1 and 9.4, depending on where I am in the week (I maintain on 6:1).

I'm as fit as I've ever been, have loads of surplus energy and don't ever intend to let a week go by without fasting.

My point is that WW had me permanently 20odd pounds overweight for over 20 years! They tell me my allowance is 2500 calories a day (I'm a bloke), but I know if I eat that much, I'll gain weight. It's the same for women, you're allowed 2000 calories, but I don't know anyone over on the main threads whose TDEE is as much as that. Most of them are on between 1600-1800 cal.

Oh, one last thing - I've never eaten so many cakes, biscuits, treats, etc, as I have over the last 18 months - whilst still losing/maintaining weight. 5:2 works because you are never deprived - you can always have 'it' tomorrow! grin

If you'd like to read further about fasting plus some low-cal recipes (and bread smile), have a look at blog where I ramble about these things!

PassTheTwiglets Thu 19-Sep-13 12:12:23

Thanks for the welcome, everyone!

I know I was close to the 14st mark when I started the shred this time, is this something you would try too?

I have got the Shred DVD and I did it for 3 days once last year smile I have since joined the gym though, so I do that instead now.

It's ok us eating less for a period of time, but what about when we stop dieting?

When you stop dieting you don't put on weight unless you overeat again - which I do, always (I'm an idiot). My intention is to WW and gym until I get to a healthy weight then to just eat normally after that. Althought not being able to eat normally is how I got in this mess in the first place so will think about that if and when the time comes.

I did try the 5:2 and my parents have had great success with it but I found it far too difficult on the fast days and I ate too much on the 'normal' days (see above about not being able to eat normally!)

RippingYarns Thu 19-Sep-13 12:55:57

Thanks for answering those questions, Twiggy, i think my, well actually KNOW my problem is overeating. I eat very well, pescetarian, 90% home cooked, but i eat far too much

hoping the fasting will show my eyes that i don't need as much food

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