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We have a board of our own now.

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JanHR Sun 15-Feb-04 21:20:13

I love the title.

I now have a target to aim for. DP said last night that we should get married next year. Would like to get married on a cruise ship o I am going round the travel agents tomorrow.

nutcracker Sun 15-Feb-04 21:23:17

Big congrats to you and your dp Jan Love the cruise ship idea too

JanHR Sun 15-Feb-04 21:24:47

We got engaged 3 years ago next friday, but always said that we wanted to be married by 2005.

Lisa78 Sun 15-Feb-04 21:25:12

WOW JanHR! I want all the details!

What board?!

Hulababy Sun 15-Feb-04 21:27:04

Excellent on the new thread.

Fantastic news JanHR!

WedgiesMum Sun 15-Feb-04 21:27:54

Really pleased for you Jan


Mingle Sun 15-Feb-04 21:42:23

I probably have not been missed, but I am back now. Have not been able to get on the internet let alone Mumsnet much due to various reasons or other. Computer is now thankfully sorted.

Where did the new board come from? Does that mean that this in now an "official" slimming club? My diet is not going well at all, in fact have completely fell off the wagon. Either eat nothing for a whole day, or eat rubbish, so I need a big kick up the backside and I will have to start again

Hope you are all doing better than me and lots of congratulations to you and your dp Jan. Love the cruise idea

Kayleigh Sun 15-Feb-04 21:49:51

JanHR that is so lovely. Congratulations
What a wonderful way to end your valentines day. Or was it just a coincidence ?

JanHR Sun 15-Feb-04 21:58:23

I think it was just coincidence

JanHR Sun 15-Feb-04 22:04:04

Lisa, we got engaged 3 years ago next friday, but said we wanted to be married by 2005. We can't afford it this year with getting a house built so it will have to be next year.

Beccarollover Mon 16-Feb-04 07:56:24

Hey I only just noticed our own board!!!


Coddy Mon 16-Feb-04 08:06:15

did we know we were getting htis?

melsy Mon 16-Feb-04 08:18:00

OOOh when did this happen, will have to find a suitable diet for me now(hypo etc) and start again. I have 6lb's to loose till I am at my target weight.

Mingle Mon 16-Feb-04 08:32:30

Sorry, but think I will go again. Too much of a failure to be here

Good luck ladies.

melsy Mon 16-Feb-04 08:42:16

NO NO NO mingle , not a failure , dont say that .It is hard to diet , dont be hard on yourself.

Hulababy Mon 16-Feb-04 08:52:38

Mingle. You are not a failure. Diets are really hard. Doesn't matter here if you fall off and on at times, we will just all be encouraging as best as we all can. Please stay in.

Coddy Mon 16-Feb-04 09:09:54

shall we ask tech to be slim Mamas weight loss club then newbies know what we are about?

justiner Mon 16-Feb-04 11:29:40

Good idea, Coddy. Will do.

Beccarollover Mon 16-Feb-04 11:31:54

Good Plan

Mingle please dont go!

The same for anyone else - there is no reason for you to go just because your finding it hard - post about what you are finding hard and see if we can boost you back to giving it another go!

LadyCodworth Mon 16-Feb-04 11:35:26

Justine do you get to read all the posts all day and YOU can say that its your job ?!! How nice, ( )

Demented Mon 16-Feb-04 19:51:29

Woo hoo! This is good our own wee bit!

Congratulations JanHR!!!

Mingle, it's a difficult wagon to stay on but as the others say, please stay with us and we can all support and encourage each other.

Beccarollover Tue 17-Feb-04 18:25:33

Do you think i could be mod of this here new board? Im fame hungry - (wonder how many points)

LadyCodworth Tue 17-Feb-04 18:32:16

"But fame costs and this is where you start paying"

(wacks stick on floor)

Gawd Br you wont remember Kids from fame will you?

Beccarollover Tue 17-Feb-04 18:34:13

erm no? do know the outfits tho

LadyCodworth Tue 17-Feb-04 18:38:10

ok at the beginning there was this dance teacher and she would strut around with a stick (LOL) and say that and then say...
" start paying... (close up) ...In SWEAT"

dididididdum dum dum " Baby look at me remeber what you see etc

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