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Ginger root

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burstingbaboon Sat 31-Aug-13 08:52:16

Correction- full benefits of it.

burstingbaboon Sat 31-Aug-13 08:51:07

I always peel .
I knew ginger has got lots of positives but
I genuinely don't use it in every day cooking so I was bit
unsure about benefits of it. I have a very good friend of mine and she is from Malaysia and she was drinking it after giving birth because it helps tummy to go down and heal quicker...

Rummikub Sat 31-Aug-13 01:22:40

Depends. If boiling then don't peel if I can't be bothered. For cooking I always peel. Though I am now using jars of minced ginger or frozen for cooking.

fdsjkl Sat 31-Aug-13 01:20:06

I'm pleased to read this, OP. I agree with Rummikub re fantastic properties of ginger. It helps digestion. Could I ask: do people peel it? Or just wash it and use it with the skin on? tia

burstingbaboon Sat 31-Aug-13 00:52:07

Thank you Rummikub.
I guess I will try the same ....

Rummikub Wed 28-Aug-13 20:47:17

Ginger does have fantastic properties, it is great for nausea, it's anti inflammatory, helps sore throats, and upset stomachs. I have also heard it suppresses appetite. Your brother though sounds as if he lost weight in a very traditional way by increasing exercise and cutting down on sugary fizzy drinks. Well done him!

burstingbaboon Wed 28-Aug-13 19:57:29

Thank you. Any little helps. He is doing swimming when he gets time now over the summer. I was almost hoping someone will come and say - yes, ginger does miracles - because I am desperate to loose weight and need some motivation. I will try it from tomorrow and will see how is going...

specialsubject Wed 28-Aug-13 18:23:09

'he stopped drinking fizzy drinks'

well, bugger me. Who would have thought that ceasing to guzzle drinks which each have about ten teaspoons of sugar in would help in weight loss? And look - he's started doing lots of exercise too.

well, it must be the ginger water. :-)

there's nothing that you put in your mouth that helps weight loss. It is what you DON'T put in.

burstingbaboon Wed 28-Aug-13 15:49:52

It's a homemade drink. Very simple. 5-6 cm of ginger(cleaned), and grated. Pour over it boiled 1.5 l of water and cover it for 4 min. Not more otherwise it becomes green brown and it looses it's purpose. You can keep it outside or in the fridge. Everyday to be consumed all that and you can't drink it after 6-30pm. He really lost lots of weight, his skin is glowing and he is 46. He was 100 kg to start with and now he is 80. A I spoke to him yesterday and he said only thing he changed he was going a lot for a swimming( lives 50m from the beach) but lost weight over 1 yr. I am soooo jelouse-envy....

Rummikub Wed 28-Aug-13 01:20:21

Not heard of it. Is it a drink he bought or made? Ginger tea is lovely <unhelpul>

burstingbaboon Wed 28-Aug-13 01:17:21


burstingbaboon Tue 27-Aug-13 12:18:34

Sorry, bit of rumbling !

burstingbaboon Tue 27-Aug-13 12:17:52

Hi. I was just wandering did anyone hear about ginger water that helps slimming?
The thing is my brother lost 20 kg drinking it over a year. He stopped drinking fizzy drinks and that is all. I can see he lost weight but not sure if that is the only thing . He says it's the only thing so that's why I came here to hear more opinions. Thank you.

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