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anyone else over 20 st?

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YDdraigGoch Tue 29-Oct-13 13:29:33

If anyone wants to look me up on MFP my nn is suedlotofem. I've just started logging everything again after a summer break. Happy to be your friend, as long as you reprimand me everytime I eat too much, or put on weight. I upload what I eat via the app as soon as I've eaten it, so I don't forget, though you can do it online too. I update my weight once a week.

flagnogbagnog Tue 29-Oct-13 07:21:35

paisley - I have tried slimming world many, many times. I do think it great as you really can eat a lot. When I get a burst of 'I have to do something' sw is always my default. What I need is some bottled determination.

I have downloaded the myfittnesspal app on to my phone so will start with that today. It looks like a really amazing tool (for free too).

My DB who is also well over the 20st mark has lost a considerable amount of weight (3.5st in one month) through juicing.

LayMizzRarb Mon 28-Oct-13 22:57:46

I'm doing WW online, so track my food intake and weight on there. It really helps me think about what I'm throwing down my neck!
The excercise I am doing at the moment in using a vibrating plate machine. It is very easy to do, 10 minutes a day.
I am going on holiday next week for a month, but it am determined to use it as an opportunity to work even harder at losing weight. I am taking some travel bathroom scales with me, and plan an hours swimming every morning. Would love to lose a stone in that month, but even just a few pounds will be a bonus!

PaisleyPashmina Mon 28-Oct-13 16:00:03

I love myfitnesspal, it really opened my eyes to how many calories I was eating. I think it works well to keep portion sizes under control too. I was shocked to see how many cals were in pasta and rice when I first started using it.

I love the sound of your DIY slimming club YD it's a great idea, especially as there is a reward at the end of the year too rather than it going towards the profits of a company!

YDdraigGoch Mon 28-Oct-13 14:52:01

Have you tried My Fittness Pal? It's really helped me to keep a track of exactly what I eat, how much exercise I do, and how that affects my weight even on a day to day basis. I'd be happy to be your "friend". It's like a FB for fat people - it's great!

We also set up our own club with some friends who wanted to lose weight, on Jan 1st this year. We all needed/wanted to lose different amounts - some 1 st, some several stone. We weigh each other each Thursday eve, and are open and honnest with each other, and of course, very supportive of each other too. It's been great. So much better than WW and the like, who really only want to make as much money as they can out of you.
We all lost a minimum of 1 stone in 6 months, some of us several stone. Some of us are keeping going, some of us are now just weighing monthly as a maintenance thing.
We pay £1 per week to weigh, and £1 per 1lb if we gain weight. The money is going to a slap up party on New Years' eve.

Doing a slimming club with people you know is much more effective. Supportive as we all are of each other, it's very embarassing to be the only one to have gained any weight in a given week, if everyone else has lost, and much harder not to turn up for a weigh in as someone will come and find you!!

PaisleyPashmina Mon 28-Oct-13 14:43:30

flag I know the feeling of not knowing what to wear and being the biggest person in the room.

I have been doing SW just over a month and I'm steadily losing weight, I dont really feel like I'm on a diet at all and still have the occasional bar of chocolate if I have syns left. Before I started I would easily polish off a family size dairy milk every night! I don't miss the guilty feeling at all!

flagnogbagnog Sat 26-Oct-13 23:57:05

Hi, I am (sigh). Heaviest I've ever been. I have to admit it is having quite an effect on my health and I'm truly scared I will never get to grips with it and may only have another decade or two to live if I don't change my ways soon (I am 35). I know I am the biggest person in the room where ever I go. Got to find a job after maternity leave soon and just don't know who will employ me. Got a wedding next weekend and don't know what to wear.

I feel that I need to get on top of my addictions (chocolate, diet coke) first. I struggle to find the energy to exercise so not sure where to start.

PaisleyPashmina Tue 22-Oct-13 11:58:58

Just a quick bump of this thread...

Carlat86 Well done on your weightloss and congratulations on your baby! I would love to know how often you go to the gym? I was a member of my local gym but it was always too busy to get a work out so instead I am planning on hitting the pool 3x a week for an hour each session but not sure this is enough.

LayMizzRarb I'm in my early 20s so want to deal with this now...I want to be able to run after my children in the future. I started SW a month ago and I am steadily losing, I also feel a bit meh about 1lb a week loss but it is a step in the right direction! You are right about family and friends, my DM is very supportive yet when I go to hers for dinner ever Sunday, she serves up pies or takeaways!

LayMizzRarb Tue 15-Oct-13 22:30:56

You're not alone! You don't say how old you are, but my advice is to tackle this sooner rather than later. It is so much harder the older you get. You can do this though. You just have to take that first step. I have been dieting since August and have lost around 1 st 8lb.. Yes, I wish it was a bit more, and a lb a week can seem dispiriting, but I tell myself if I hadn't started, I would have probably put on another half stone since then, so would have been 2 stone heavier than I am now. I know it is going to take a couple of years to nail this, but I'm going to have a bloody good stab at it.
You can do it. Only you can decide to put the brakes on. Please stay on this thread - post your losses each week, come on here and rant if you like if it helps. Sometimes it can help and is easier to talk to people you don't know in real life IYSWIM, friends and relatives can be great, but those of us in the same boat as you will understand the best.
Good luck to you, and hope to see you back on this thread!

Carlat86 Wed 02-Oct-13 16:35:12

Hi girls, I'm not quite 20 stone but haven't been far off. I was 18st 9 at my heaviest and started going to the gym and naturally you start to watch what you eat as a result - so didn't really diet as such. I was always nervous about the gym as I knew I was big and surely people at the gym are 'skinny' and might look at me. That really wasn't the case everyone was lovely and I kept thinking 'wouldn't these people rather see me in here doing something about my weight than in BK scoffing my face'. I lost nearly 3 stone in 4 months then found out I was pregnant. My partner and I never thought it would happen as we had been trying for years with no success. Now we have a beautiful 9 wk old and I'm ready to start back at the gym again - tomorrow is my first session.

PaisleyPashmina Losing weight worked for my fertility, so definitely get yourself on an exercise and healthy eating plan.
awakemysoull My friend did the Cambridge/lighter life plan and its great for quick results but not sustainable. once she started to eat food again all the weight went back on.

I think the key to weight loss is to change the way you eat and this change is a life change not a diet, so healthy food, healthy portion sizes and combine it with exercise. No one is too big to work out either - just look at biggest loser USA. Once you have a routine it's surprisingly easy to stick to.

I want to lose 2 stone by Christmas (currently 17 stone) then another 2 by my birthday in march. So if anyone wants to join me in this at all?

awakemysoull Tue 01-Oct-13 22:02:09

I'm 18st 9lb. I'm on week 2 of the Cambridge plan and I've lost 18lb so far. It's so so hard (no food and I loved my food) but the weight falls off very quickly.

Have you thought about giving Cambridge/lighter life a go?

I found that I couldn't eat a healthy balanced diet properly. I always gave In after a day or two and shovelled down cake and kebabs.

Now I can't eat at all and it has been so so so so so hard and I've thought about giving up but dp has promised me a new wardrobe when I come down a few dress sizes. I can't wait and actually look forward to being weighed each week

angelcake99 Tue 01-Oct-13 21:30:00

I'm not 20 stone but very close. I'm starting my local gym tomorrow as I was referred by my GP. Gave up with Ww a couple of years ago, as my weight yo-yoed constantly. Would love to have my will power kick in but it just never seems to !

Talkinpeace Fri 27-Sep-13 13:37:28

I'm not large, but I know that there are people on many of the groups who are.
Your best bet is to actually post onto the busiest threads on WW / SW / 5:2 / etc and attract the attention of lurkers and posters who would be happy of a quiet corner to share with you.

weightoomuch Wed 25-Sep-13 15:20:31

Well the summer has been a disaster for me. Started it at 19 stone and now just under 21 :-(

PaisleyPashmina Tue 20-Aug-13 14:03:25

SoulSister Well done, that is fantastic! Maybe I should look into low carbing. What exercise have you been doing?

HeySoulSister Tue 20-Aug-13 13:57:24

which kind of diet/exercise plans are you looking at?

ive just lost 5 stone through exercise and low carbing. started at new year,got 2 stone to go now before i'm going to be happy

weightoomuch Tue 20-Aug-13 13:38:54

Thanks for the replies - appreciate it

PaisleyPashmina Tue 20-Aug-13 12:18:14

I currently weigh 20st and am the same height as you. I'm getting married next September and want to have lost 5/6 stone by then. I guess my main motivation is that I want to get pregnant after the wedding and think I may have trouble with that at this size.

I've always had an issue with my weight and it is now making me very unhappy. I've been doing 5:2 for about 8 weeks, I've had a few slip ups but lost 9lbs. I'm trying to decide whether to stick at it or try something new.

Doesn't help that my OH is a rugby player so can shovel down massive portions!

If you want a moan or a diet buddy, feel free to PM me as we are in the same boat!

AliBingo Tue 20-Aug-13 12:09:30

I am not at the moment but have been 20st11 at my highest, am a couple of stone less than that now but it seems to be creeping up rather than down at the moment.

Have you tried any diets in the past? What are your main downfalls do you think? Mine are crisps and wine plus I'll eat big portions. Oh and we get a takeaway every couple of weeks and if I am being good I ordered Sag and boiled rice but I often cannot resist a biryani and popadoms.

I know how to lose weigh fairly easily but don't have the willpower at the moment.

Been pregnant recently and found I had to eat what I felt like otherwise I just felt sick.

LifeofPo Tue 20-Aug-13 10:27:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

weightoomuch Tue 20-Aug-13 10:25:07

Hi I dont mean to offend any members but I struggle with some of the weight loss posts where people really are not that big.

Im 5ft2 and my weight has been creeping up for several years. I managed to lose quite a bit before I had the kids but since then it has gone up by over a stone a year on average and Im now over 20 st.

Im really worried that this will keep going and have struggled tokeep on top of my weight in recent years.

I guess there are people in similar positions but would be good to hear from you, or people that have been able to lose alot of weight.


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