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"Somebody ate Monica"

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mrsfiddymont Mon 19-Aug-13 09:58:30

That would be me sad.

I have weighed in this morning at 12 2, my heaviest EVER. I have hovered around 11 10 for over a year, not doing anything about it. This morning I could actually cry, I would if the dcs were not here.

In the grand scheme of things I know this isn't the end of the world but dear god I'm feeling every pounds of it today. I am hoping that by starting this I can make myself accountable and achieve better health, knees and back are bad. I am away shortly and need to make good choices, don't want fad diet, just sensible eating and exercise. I'm just rambling now but needed to get this down.

Wishfulmakeupping Mon 19-Aug-13 10:08:38

sad Im feeling pissed off too been steadily losibg weigh since having dd in jan but seen that I've put on 3 pounds in a week! Plus its my bday soon so meals and cake isn't going to help needed to lose 16 pounds by oct now am up 3 sad
My plan is excercise I can't diet it just makes me eat more Iyswim so I will be sensible but walk like a crazed woman and hope some weight starts coming off again

Wishfulmakeupping Mon 19-Aug-13 10:09:11

Ps I love the thread title I do have a soft spot for fat Monica smile

mrsfiddymont Mon 19-Aug-13 10:13:05

Wishful, thanks for the reply. I had to buy next size up clothes at the end of last week, still didn't stop me putting on 4lbs sadblush. I need to sort myself out sad.

Wishfulmakeupping Mon 19-Aug-13 10:18:00

Do you excercise at all? I only walk that's it am building up to doing a class if some sort but am not fit enough yet.
I know I ate far too much last week lots of bread and cheese and had 2 cream cakes - bloody oh bringing them in the house! They are now banned- if its bit here I can't eat it!
Do you eat too much or the wrong type of thing?

mrsfiddymont Mon 19-Aug-13 10:23:05

I walk but not as much as I should, dodgy joints. My downfall is junk food, crisps and if I cut these out it should be simple....yeah right! I need to find the supermarket shelf with willpower on it grin. I'm on my own, apart from dcs, so anything that comes into the house is bought by me...I am the creater of my own downfall, so I have to be the creater of my own success.

And to follow on the Friends theme, I have just seen a picture of Matthew Perry, he could be my twin sad.

(Realise I need to stop dwelling and get doing, but this feels quite therapeutic atm).

Wishfulmakeupping Mon 19-Aug-13 10:35:55

It's hard isn't it, I find that if I make something 'healthier' in the day for tea Im more likely to eat it as its easier Iyswim otherwise I will pick whatever's easiest I'm going to start doing that today actually make veggie chilli for tea. Do you eat the same as dc or do you need to quickly make something for yourself after

mrsfiddymont Mon 19-Aug-13 10:45:52

Veg chilli sounds good. Planning is definitely key for me as I tend to nip to shops and pick up a ready meal if nothing is in, so then I pick up snacks and wine and so it goes on.

mrsfiddymont Mon 19-Aug-13 10:47:58

stupid I know as this is all my fault but I'm feeling quite tearful sadblush.

englishteacher78 Mon 19-Aug-13 10:52:43

I've also just put on loads still 3 stone off my heaviest but not great. Time to take it hand. Exercising in the morning often works well for me.

mrsfiddymont Mon 19-Aug-13 10:59:17

englishteacher "time to take in action", what's your plan?

englishteacher78 Mon 19-Aug-13 11:02:11

I'll be eating Slimming World Green - but only because DH is doing that. I will be following a Women's Running magazine 10km running programme (got a race I completely forgot about in 3 weeks!). Then it's more running and classes until the weight comes off.

mrsfiddymont Mon 19-Aug-13 11:26:58

Off to have a look at Slimming World recipes.

Wishfulmakeupping Mon 19-Aug-13 13:49:48

I've never tried slimming world but its worked for a lot of women I know one woman who I would have said wasn't far but just a stocky build lost 3 stone totally changed her figure she's actually really petite. My plans always been to start SW 'next week' maybe I need to actually do it now!
Try not to get down about it OP you are making positive steps we will all get there- just think we could all be looking slim and lovely at Xmas! smile

mrsfiddymont Mon 19-Aug-13 16:16:06

wishful I'm one of those that always start tomorrow so maybe this time I will [hopeful].

Wishfulmakeupping Mon 19-Aug-13 19:08:07

You can do it. I've been feeling crappy today and ate half pack of biscuits oops but forced myself to go out for a long walk so don't feel too guilty now need to but overrated tonight

Wishfulmakeupping Mon 19-Aug-13 19:08:18


mrsfiddymont Mon 19-Aug-13 19:28:22

wishful it really isn't easy is it, sigh!

Wishfulmakeupping Tue 20-Aug-13 21:49:06

Hi OP was today any better? I was a bit better food wise except for a lovely piece of cake at friends but took dd on a walk so that should even it out a bit

mrsfiddymont Wed 21-Aug-13 03:33:20

Hi wishful, mmm cake, hope you enjoyed it. I've been doing lots of running around which I think has kept things at bay a little (won't mention the choc ice, wine scenario during Bake Off blush).

Feeling a bit more positive and less panicky but still can't believe that I can get rid of about 2 stone. Oh, and as you can see from the timing on here, I'm awake at stupid o'clock!!

mrsfiddymont Sat 24-Aug-13 08:31:56

On holiday for a week so trying not to find a wagon to fall off!!

Wishfulmakeupping Sat 24-Aug-13 09:01:29

Enjoy your holiday have fun smile

englishteacher78 Sat 24-Aug-13 09:04:50

Holidays are hard. I feel quite bloated this morning and scales say I've put some weight back on. However, it's probably related to the bloating rather than 'real' weight so I'm ignoring it. The weekly result will be down so that's what counts.

Wishfulmakeupping Sat 24-Aug-13 09:21:12

Weekly result is the one that matters I'm terrible for weighing myself several times a day really need to break that habit

deliasmithy Mon 26-Aug-13 12:52:58


I wanted to post as I know how you feel. It's crap isn't it.

I think you are right when you say you want to avoid fad diets, changing how you eat for the long term is how it's gotta be.

Enjoy the holiday. Don't feel bad and have fun.

When you get home, bin that junk food and don't buy any more! The weekly shop is a great time to start.

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