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Weight watchers vs Slimming world ???

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snowyowl70 Thu 01-Aug-13 13:32:51

Need to lose several stones but initially want to aim for two stone and only way I have managed in past is to join a group. Have done both diets in last 10 years but can't make my mind up which way to go. Found wasn't hungry with SW and I was happy to eat pasta and quorn ad infinitum but rest of family not overjoyed- also found it harder on nights in a rush when you want to use a jar of pasta sauce and having to use it as syns. WW will let me cook for family freely I guess but tend to be hungry as the portions seem to be less with WW - which way would you go ? Any tips ?

MrsGyllenhaal Thu 01-Aug-13 14:46:59

I've been doing weight watchers for the past 3 weeks and have lost 8lbs so far. Not a huge amount but then I have had days of 'treats' and days out where I haven't tracked my points as well as I should have!

I have about 5 stone to lose (there abouts) I am currently 15st 6lbs and would like to be around 10 and half stone eventually.

I am taking it slowly and not forcing the weight to come off to fast. It's a bit too daunting to think in terms of 5 stone so I have been dividing it up into half stones. My current goal is just to get down to below 15 stone before the end of the summer holidays. Another 5 weeks to lose 6lbs. Doesn't sound too overwhelming if I think of it like that.

I don't have any experience of Slimiing world first hand but my friend has recently lost 4.5 stone on it. She looks fab and feels good. The only thing I would say is that she has to be VERY VERY aware of what she eats and often eats plain pasta with no sauce or anything just to fill her up because it's syn free and easy to make. Doesn't really appeal to me. I know a lot of people who eat perfectly lovely food on Slimming world but the recipes all seem a bit tricky and complicated to me but I am a crap cook.

Weight Watchers seems to make more sense for me. I can eat whatever my children and DH are eating. I just have to add up the points and yes sometimes that does mean my portions are smaller but that's not such a bad thing. I am not starving and I do feel fine on it.

I've heard a lot of positives about both but ultimately it just comes down to preference. I personally read a lot about both of them and chose weight watchers bcause it seemed like it fit easier with our family and the foods I already like are not 'banned'.

Good luck which ever you chose. Keep us updated on how you get on!

snowyowl70 Thu 01-Aug-13 15:27:16

Thanks for your support and encouragement and well done on your great start ! Definitely found I ate "odd"foods sometimes on SW but could always have fruit or a mullet light yogurt if hungry whereas with WW once your points have gone there isn't anything to eat !

LadyintheRadiator Thu 01-Aug-13 15:41:14

I love WW. I lost nearly four stone and have kept it off for a year now. MrsG I think 8lbs in 3 weeks is brilliant.

Wen you run out of points there is always fruit and most veg. Or earn a couple of activity points for something extra. I find it flexible and liveable and mainly - it's pretty easy. Good luck!

snowyowl70 Thu 01-Aug-13 15:45:47

That's muller light not mullet !!!

snowyowl70 Thu 01-Aug-13 15:47:08

I thought fruit had points values too though ?

DoodleAlley Thu 01-Aug-13 15:56:38

Done both in past five years.

WW have chaned points so fruit is generally free now.

You can also do filling and healthy days which much more closely mirror the SW plan.

I find the flexibility in WW to be really helpful and I think this makes it a better plan long term and to fit in with family.

I had great losses with SW in the past but it does get boring and I found it too hard to fit in with family meals.

snowyowl70 Thu 01-Aug-13 16:02:51

Can you tell me about the filling and healthy days ?

DoodleAlley Thu 01-Aug-13 16:15:23

Basically you have unlimited amounts of filling and healthy foods eg veg, lean protein, certain carbs

You need to be guided by when you feel hungry and full and anything not a filling and healthy food comes from your weekly points.

Didn't work for me because of my sweet tooth, but SW had same problems for me and there are the odd days I use it such as when going out for a meal as its easier to stick I in those circumstances

XBenedict Thu 01-Aug-13 16:35:42

I'm joining WW tonight. I've done SW before and seem to do ok for the first couple of weeks and then I get bored. I did WW years ago (in between pregnancies) and once I got into it I did really well. Hoping it will work again for me, I have 3 stone to loose.

LadyintheRadiator Thu 01-Aug-13 17:58:33

Filling & healthy can be good when you want a break from counting - in all the WW material foods that are F&H are highlighted in green so you can have a day where you don't track points but stick to these foods. On other days they have their points values like everything else. Today I had a poached egg on a crumpet, yoghurt with berries, and a banana - then a prawn salad for lunch - more fruit - so far, all filling and healthy. I could have scrambled egg on toast or chicken and veg or stir fried salmon to keep at it and then use some of my weekly points for a biscuit with a cup of tea, or a glass of wine later - rather than eating all my points and feeling like I shouldn't.

snowyowl70 Thu 01-Aug-13 23:27:42

Sounds good - and can you mix and match your days then as that sounds a great combination of the best of both diets ?

LadyintheRadiator Fri 02-Aug-13 07:58:55

Yes, you can have as many F&H days as you like, or none at all, up to you smile

desichick007 Wed 07-Aug-13 14:22:01

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