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Help me lose half a stone please

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Am a size 10-12 but feel as if my thighs and stomach have got rather large recently. I haven't been exercising at all, other than walking - and I have been eating too much. I'd like to start doing Couch to 5k again, having been pretty useless since the beginning of May.

I'm a vegetarian and eat relatively healthily (lots of vege) but I have rather a sweet tooth, so any tips for coping with / stopping sugar cravings would be good.

I'm not very good with breakfasts, so any tips there would also be useful.

And how does one get will-power? Do they sell it in Sainsbo's by any chance?

Does anybody fancy joining me / bullying me into submission?

formicadinosaur Mon 29-Jul-13 22:58:48

I'm probably a similar size to you? 10/12. I started 2 and a half weeks ago on the 5:2 and am totally shocked to say i have lost 5lbs!! About another 5 or 7 to go. I've never really dieted properly before but felt I had to as my weight had hit its max and I felt uncomfortable with my size. I like exercise but struggle when heavier.

What's your plan of action? What's your target? Spill the beans.

formicadinosaur Mon 29-Jul-13 22:59:18

I have a sweet tooth too!

Plan of action? No idea tbh.

Try to do Couch to 5k again, starting tomorrow all being well.
Only eat dessert when out for a meal, and not having any biscuits etc in the house.
Sugar free jelly for sweet cravings maybe? With fruit added for virtue's sake?

Well done so far - what are you eating on the fast days?

formicadinosaur Mon 29-Jul-13 23:20:47

Sounds good!

Ideally 400 cals twice a week. Normal amounts on ither days. I've never counted cals before but have found that it does help to keep track. Will probably use myfitnesspal till i hit my ideal.

Today was a fast day - so an egg for late breakfast, a prawn curry with lots of veg and no rice for tea. A yogurt/fruit for pud and a jelly last thing. It seems manageable mostly as its only one day.

What happens with the 5 k training? Do you walk run walk run initially?

Bramblesinforrin Tue 30-Jul-13 00:11:23

I've lost 1.5 stones on the 5:2. It's 500 cals/day 2 days or week - come and find our thread for inspiration and good luck with it.

Thanks both.

Well, I did a run last night but then followed it up with some chocolate. I've been very sensible today though and am planning a big veggie chilli for dinner as it should be filling enough to not want rubbish later.

Yes to walk/run btw. So last night (first run in ages) I did a min walking, 2 mins running, 7 times.

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