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Cross-trainer - a waste of time?

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GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Wed 24-Jul-13 16:15:54

DP opined same last week, and I've done a bit of research and found it's a popular opinion. This article is particularly persuasive. Basically saying that you sweat and your heart races but you don't actually use any muscle.

What do you Les Chiefs think?

Thyeternalsummer Wed 24-Jul-13 16:23:19

Said this to my trainer when I had one...her solution was to use the Xtrainer as an interval trainer i.e a ten minute session where you do 30 seconds as fast as you can go - on a high a level as poss, and then 30 seconds recovery on a lower pace/resistance, alternating for the full ten minutes. I found it useful and helped provide a different intensity to interval training on the running machine, power plate exercises, squats, trx etc.

Probably not the best workout option to spend 60 mins on a low intensity programme watching the telly, but useful enough as part of a workout programme.

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