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HELP totally frustrated!!

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Rocklover Mon 05-Jun-06 14:17:10

As I posted last week I have been eating very healthily for the last 2 weeks, cutting out all snacks, upping F & V consumption and drinking loads of water. I lost around 4lbs in 5 days, but since then (8 days ago) I have lost nothing. I cannot exercise at the mo as am being treated for chronic back pain, but i am pretty sure this isn't the reason for the stop in weight loss as I am eating nowhere near the amount or types of stuff I used to. I want to lose around 2 stone and I have been so good and so strong, but now I am feeling my motivation slipping as I am not seeing results. Help please!!

Twiglett Mon 05-Jun-06 14:19:27

you haven't put on weight have you?

so that's a good sign especially if not exercising

are you due on? .. are you eating healthy, low fat meals

keep at it

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