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Harcombe diet

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aliperi Tue 02-Jul-13 11:35:52

Hi. I have about 1 stone and a bit to lose. I'm reading through the Harcombe diet book and the links between Candida, Food Intolerances and Hypoglocaemia with weight gain seem like a revelation to me and make total sense. Also I think I could eat like this for life and seems like the way to go.
The book explains these 3 conditions at length and why certain food are to be avoided.
However it doesn't explain why you can't have caffeine or (even worst) why you can't have decaf coffee/tea with milk. Does anyone know why? I know I should give up coffee, as I get major headaches if I don't have my morning cup. But I don't see why I could't have decaff coffee with milk in the morning.
If anyone can explain it would really help. Thanks!

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