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Please give me some advice for low fat snacks I can eat in between meals

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Blossomhill Thu 01-Jun-06 21:44:28

Am determined to trim my figure down and have been going to the gym pratically every other day for an hours work out.

I have started to tone slightly but not enough and know I need to stop eating crap.

Please give me some ideas of things I can eat as I love food

bubble99 Thu 01-Jun-06 21:45:28


hoxtonchick Thu 01-Jun-06 21:46:01

yummy fruit at this time of year - cherries, nectarines, apricots, peaches.

dinny Thu 01-Jun-06 21:46:39

fruit and vegetables, homemade veg soup, plain crackers, popcorn... All the usual suspects really.

Blossomhill Thu 01-Jun-06 21:47:25

lol @ dust bubble99

hoxton - yum love all those (want some now)

Am also into big time the Activia yoghurts. They are delicious.

TheMammy Thu 01-Jun-06 21:48:22

Ice-lollies are nice if you fancy a sweet thing. The Tesco ones have only 1 ww point in them

Blossomhill Thu 01-Jun-06 21:53:39

themammy - what are the lollies called at tesco? thanks

Beauregard Thu 01-Jun-06 22:02:49

Del monte smoothie lollies are lurvleeeeeeeeeey and only 96cals and 0.1fat.

TheMammy Thu 01-Jun-06 22:13:07

They're just Tesco own brand as far as I remember. In a blue box

They also do a range called skinny cow, Ice-cream too!

Beauregard Thu 01-Jun-06 22:18:50

mmmmmmmmmmm skinny cow mint madness!

charliegreensmum Fri 02-Jun-06 12:17:19

How about low fat yoghurts, ryvita with low fat cheese spread, or if you want a sweet treat that feels v v naughty, a meringue nest? V V yummy and low fat.

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