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Is anyone else doing Rosemary Conley

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Rugbylovingmum Mon 24-Jun-13 22:06:15

Hi all,

I have just joined a Rosemary Conley class and wondered if anyone else was trying it and wanted to chat about how it's going. I might be in the wrong place so apologies if there is an RC thread already.

I had my first class last Thursday and weighed in at a shocking 14st 3.5lb blush. It wasn't really a surprise but I have avoided thinking about my weight in ages so it was still a bit of a blow - I need to lose 4st or more and that seems a HUGE amount and it's going to take a long time. On a more positive note I loved the exercise class and I am finding the diet much easier than I thought. 1200 calories is MUCH less than I was eating. Fingers crossed for a good weigh in this week.

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