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Can't stop BINGEING

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calpopscalum Thu 01-Jun-06 09:34:26

I've been doing ww at home for the past 3 months and have lost a stone! Hurrah! But this week I just can't stop eating. I've eaten all the kids sweets (even ones I don't like) and ahve binged on potato head crisps (bought as treats as only a couple of points). Last night I got in from work at 2230 and had 3 glasses of wine (don't or try not to drink duringthe week) 2 packets of crisps and a load of choccieout of the kids stash! WHY? I've been able to rsist temptation for the last few months but this is ridiculous. Help me!!!!

alicemama Thu 01-Jun-06 09:39:42

I know the feeling oh so well. I've just eaten 2 crumpets and butter instead of a bowl of cereal.
Know I shouldn't but at the time just can't help myself.
I know there's no definitive answer but if someone finds one me and a million other women would be eternally grateful!

sorry I'm not much help am I?

lazycow Thu 01-Jun-06 10:24:34

This always happens to me about 3-4 months after I've started a successful diet. It is happening at the moment and I'm not sure how to stop it.

I think it is me sabotaging myself bacause being thinner is quite threatening to me. Also as I am usually pretty strict while on a diet as soon as I have one thing I'm 'not allowed' my mind goes

'Well I'd better eat as much as I can now as tomorrow I'm not going to allow myself this again etc.' The problem is that this can go on for several days or longer and the diet goes out of the window.

I think a way to deal with this might be to say 'OK I've had enough of denying myself right now, What do I really want to eat?' When I've decided what I really want and it can be anything, I get it (buy it if I have to) and sit down to really enjoy it.

If I want to eat a whole family sized cake I do but I insist it is the cake I really want not the children's no suger added biscuits in the cupboard'. I eat it slowly and allow myself to enjoy it. I am trying this approach at the moment and it seems to be working as my bingeing is now more under control. Usually I eat what I want and find that after a while I don't want any more and I'm satisfied.

The main thing to avoid is the 'hoover' mentality where you eat everything in the cuboard in a kind of fog so that it is eaten almost without you tasting it even things you don't really want to eat and where you are left feeling unsatisfied so you go looking for more to eat.

The other thing to also do is to see if there is an emotional reason for the bingeing. We are currently looking to move house and I know I have been avoiding all the feelings of uncertainty and worry that this brings up for me. The eating is a way of avoiding these feelings - I do know that but eating to supress my feelings is so ingrained in me that I need to have some tricks to break the cycle.

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