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Weight loss methods that don't impact on BFing

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Helspopje Thu 20-Jun-13 16:54:28

Baby is 6 weeks and I'm a heifer. Am 88kg and I need to lose a stone to be anything resembling okay, but preferably 2. Depresingly, I am 3 stones up on pre preg #1 (68kg/ 1m76cm).
I can't run like I used to, I'm in frumpy non-fashionable gear, look like a tip and it is horrid.
I had abad BFing experience with DC#1 and it's going so much better this time that I don't want to wreck it by going on a strict diet, but I'm just desparate to gain back a bit of a sense of self.
At present am trying to make sensible food choices and doing a lot of fast walking with the baby in the pram and toddler on a buggy board but I think I'll need to step it up a bit soon.
?SW ?WW ?slimfast ?ULC

PoppyWearer Thu 20-Jun-13 16:56:27

I had a good experience with WeightWatchers, their current ProPoints give you a generous allowance for bf'ing (14 extra a week IIRC).

louschmoo Fri 21-Jun-13 16:57:14

It's not exactly a diet but I have recently cut out sugar. So no cakes/biscuits etc or other sugary things at all. I have also reduced - but not cut out - carbs and upped my veg intake. So a typical breakfast might be muesli & plain yoghurt with berries. Then soup/leftovers for lunch and a chicken & veg stir fry for dinner (no rice/ noodles). I've lost several pounds already and my tummy is flatter. I'm breastfeeding so didn't wNt to do anything too strict, but figure my body doesn't need sugar or large amounts of refined carbs.

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