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*100 Day Challenge - Who's in?*

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AngryFeet Tue 18-Jun-13 11:38:32

So I have been slowly but surely losing weight and am now on the home stretch to the event I have been losing for. I am setting myself a challenge to get in the best shape I can in the next 100 days (I fly out in 100 days exactly today so works out pretty well ;)). I would like to lose around 2 stone and get to a size 14 but I just will do the best I can to be honest. I am currently 13st 7 (size 18).

Plan is to eat fairly low carb but not Atkins strict and do as much exercise as I can. I did my shoulder in packing the other day so need that to get better before I can start again but I am booked in for a local bootcamp class on Friday so hopefully it will be sorted soon!

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, lunch will be soup and dinner meat with tonnes of veg and gravy (I can't eat food plain so even though it isn't strictly low carb I am having it!).

Who fancies joining me?

Rugbylovingmum Tue 25-Jun-13 21:04:48

Hi all,

can I join in please. I had my first Rosemary Conley class last week and weighed in at 14st 3.5lb blush. I really want to lose just over 4 st but that's just too much to think about in one go - 100 days seems more manageable. I'll call my first class day 1. So far following the diet hasn't been too bad (the novelty I think) and I'm fitting in a bit of exercise - not as much as I'd like but it's a start. I'm just really hoping I've lost at least a couple of pounds this week to get me going.

tibni Wed 26-Jun-13 17:15:05

Hi all, im doing ok I guess but its hard going. Trying to keep a balance so I can keep going! Hope you are all doing ok. smile

AngryFeet Wed 26-Jun-13 17:19:51

I am struggling. My anxiety which has been low level for a while is re-emerging and eating makes me feel better. This time of day is the worst for me - between school pick up and bedtime. Eaten too many crisps and don't want to exercise as I am worried about my heart (issues with low blood pressure and bad dizziness). Balls.

Hope you are all doing better than me. Welcome to all the new arrivals smile

tumbletumble Wed 26-Jun-13 18:26:37

I struggle with that time of day too AngryFeet. Step away from the crisps!! Damage limitation - stop eating now - have you had supper yet, or can you have something really healthy (veg or salad, tiny bit of protein) to balance out the the crisps?

AngryFeet Wed 26-Jun-13 18:32:03

Its ok I stopped smile Watching a program about how much our food is modified to put me off - seems to be working!

lowercase Thu 27-Jun-13 00:02:53

I came home this evening, got a cornetto from the freezer, remembered the challenge AND PUT IT BACK and ate raspberries instead ( which tasted like mould )


Can you do armchair exercising AngryFeet?
Pump your feet up and down, arms above head kinda stuff?
I remember reading something once about a slimmer who lost weight by exercising during the commercial breaks on TV...

gingerchick Thu 27-Jun-13 00:16:34

Can I join? I weigh (breathe in) 19 stone and I truly hate myself I have two beautiful little girls and I am a terrible example, this could be just the kick up the arse I need, I have to do something

lowercase Thu 27-Jun-13 00:34:26

Ginger sad
Being overweight is not a terrible example, really, it's just external crap.
Don't put yourself down, speak kindly to yourself and with encouragement.
You have posted here, this is a step towards doing better.

Well done

lowercase Thu 27-Jun-13 00:35:48

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

gingerchick Thu 27-Jun-13 04:18:47

Thank you lowercase that is very kind of you

Beechview Thu 27-Jun-13 10:37:05

Through my various attempts at losing weight, I have discovered that I'm only successful if I
- have enough sleep
- drink lots of water
- eat a small breakfast and have lunch and dinner organised
- stay out of the house as much as possible and be busy with chores and kids when I'm in.
- do some exercise which is often long walks (helps me stay out of the house and getting some fresh air somewhere green is very beneficial)

Just passing it on in case it helps anyone smile

BeccasBridesmaid Thu 27-Jun-13 11:03:31

Angry, sorry for the late reply, haven't had a chance to check back for a day or two. Bridesmaid buddies sounds good :-)

Sorry your anxiety is making things difficult for you. Could the attempt to lose weight be causing the anxiety? I find that happens to me. I've been struggling all week with making good food choices and with exercising, and have been really feeling stressed rotten myself. So I've given myself today off (although no binging allowed!), and I feel much better. I will try to do a menu for the next few days when I get home this evening.

Would serving your food on a side plate instead of a dinner plate help you at all? And eating slowly? When I try that, I find I'm fuller on less food. I also just keep crisps and goodies in the house that I'm not keen on, but my son is.

Don't fret about exercise, a PP gave great advice re armchair exercises. You can sit there clenching your bum cheeks or holding your stomach muscles in for as long as possible. Or have a can of beans in each hand and do seated weight-lifting.

lower Well done for putting the cornetto back, I applaud your willpower and respectfully request any that you may have spare... smile Er, willpower that is, I don't need any cornettos!

ginger Please, please don't hate yourself. Without meaning to sound harsh, hating yourself is actually a worse example than being overweight. Just be yourself (waaay easier said than done, I know), and show your gorgeous girls how to have a healthy approach to food. They love you as you are, follow their example. And keep posting, we're all here for each other. <hug>

Beech Thank you for your tips, they're excellent. I'm working on drinking around 2ltrs of water a day. Now the weather is better, I really should try to get out more, take my DS out for walks and a run around at the park. Well, he'll run, I'll heavily trot for about a minute, then collapse in a wheezy, sweaty heap grin

gingerchick Thu 27-Jun-13 11:56:40

Thank you becca you are so right I know that my girls notice more because of my low self esteem, really got to do something though because of my health if nothing else, beech I am doing a self hypnosis thing to try and get me to not hate water so much so I hope that helps, sleep is my biggest obstacle because I have MH issues so I sleep hardly at all and that affects my weight loss even if I've been good, today I have eaten 6 mini flapjack bites and diet coke I go from one extreme to the other! Am really hopeful that this will be the catalyst for getting me organised and motivated, gym on Saturday
Hope everyone is ok and thank you for your encouragement I really really appreciate it

mrsfiddymont Fri 28-Jun-13 08:35:19

11 8 this morning....-4lbs gringringrin

gingerchick Fri 28-Jun-13 11:19:05

Well done Mrs Fiddy that's fab

lowercase Fri 28-Jun-13 15:57:44

Kettle chips
Haagen Daas
Pizza express
Coca cola

Family birthday yesterday...
Much better today, water and superfoods.

Also, Gok leggings from sainsbo's, good coverage.


lowercase Fri 28-Jun-13 15:58:38

Congrats Fiddy envy

mrsfiddymont Fri 28-Jun-13 16:20:12

gingerchick and lowercase thank you. Have to admit that this week has been far from enjoyable grin

YellowCanary1 Fri 28-Jun-13 16:40:59

Hi all
Can I join. After recently having ds2 I have/ had a whopping 4.5 stone to lose. My self confidence is rock bottom. I love being a mum and going out with my two boys but hate going places where people know me as I think everyone stares and comments (logically this is all in my head I know!!). This includes visiting friends and family. Poor dh getting a raw deal as well as I can't imagine how he can find this blob attractive however much he reassures me! Been really focused since beginning of june and dropped 1st and 1lb mainly due to healthy eating, lots of walking and a very hungry ds who I breast feed. I'm currently 14st13lb and aiming for 11st7lb. (I'm 5ft10 and medium build so that is a slim weight for me.)
Be nice to have some people to share journey with.

gingerchick Sat 29-Jun-13 19:35:42

Hi everyone, so this weekend went tits up and I am going to restart my hundred days on Monday I hope that's ok, I am hoping to get myself together by then this is harder than I thought!
Hope you've all had more will power than me

lowercase Sat 29-Jun-13 22:28:49

Same here ginger -
I'm starting again tomorrow...
Still drinking lots of water so that's a change I have stuck to.
Usually I'm a 10 teas a day lass.

Welcome canary.
Hope we can inspire you some how!
We've had a 4lb loss ( combined I think , all from one person ) and I put a cornetto back once grin

tibni Sun 30-Jun-13 09:59:25

Not had a good week food wise and today is my weigh in day later at gym shock. But tomorrow is another day and realistically it could have been far worse - I got my "hungry days of the month" and had to eat! Will confess my weigh in later but im thinking maybe + rather than -!

AngryFeet Tue 02-Jul-13 14:22:38

Hope you are still doing well. Not checked in as in the middle of a move and things are very stressful! Helps the weightloss though smile See you in 10 days once we are hopefully in!

mrsfiddymont Tue 02-Jul-13 19:52:13

Angry good luck with the move.

mrsfiddymont Wed 03-Jul-13 09:40:40

Can I share a non scale victory please? I have a pair of work trousers that I really like. I shouldn't really wear them as they have always been a little whispey around the ankles....not today, today the hem rests on the top of my foot gringringrin.

I was a little demotivated at the beginning of the week as I found some scales printouts from Boots, I have been this weight since Feb 2012 and done nothing about it until now....fingers crossed it won't be another 18 months.

Apologies for the very self indulgent post but I am thrilled about the trousers, saddo that I am grin but I think for me it will be this sort of thing that keeps me going.

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