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Has anyone tried this? It is advertised at my local beauty salon

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MissStrawberry Mon 17-Jun-13 20:28:17

30 minutes  £26.00 Course of Seven  £156.00 (Includes one FREE - Saving £26.00)

45 minutes  £36.00 Course of Seven £216.00 (Includes one FREE - Saving £36.00)

It doesn't say anything else.

I have tried for so long to lose weight and it just isn't happening sad.

headlesslambrini Mon 17-Jun-13 20:21:07

what do they do to you? are you just strapped into a machine of some sort? How much is it?

Seems to be promising a lot.

MissStrawberry Mon 17-Jun-13 20:17:45

We now have the latest slimming and toning machine from Hawkins. Designed to suit individual needs, the new Digital CompuSlim75 PRO is at least fifteen times more effective than the Hawkins Physiosymmetron. During a typical 30-minute treatment, in MP/Ob mode the unique Digital Machine will :

Promote weight loss by burning calories and increasing the metabolism of body fat
Strengthen the immune system by accelerating the production of antibodies
Restore muscle vigour
Break down and eliminate cellulite
Drain unwanted fluids (water) and body toxins from the tissues
Increase blood and lymph circulation
Restore muscle tone, relieve muscle fatigue, increase physical energy, tighten the skin, reduce body measurements and firm the entire muscular system

At average intensity settings the exercise value derived from a 30-minute treatment will be equivalent to 1,600 push-ups, 1,600 full squat and jumps, 1,600 sit-ups plus 1,600 scissor-leg lifts. Thus, in 30-minues gaining the benefit of 6,400 strenuous exercise movements without any fatigue. Resulting in the dissipation of thermal energy equivalent to 750 calories, without any effort.

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