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Twiglett Tue 30-May-06 10:14:09

just made a great and easy veg curry

bag of broccoli / cauliflower floret
bag of carrot batons
curry powder
garam masala
2 x tins chopped tomatoes
tomato puree
optional - other veg that would work eg mushrooms, leeks, courgettes whatever

chop onion and cook in 2 tbsp water till soft .. sprinkle on veg stock cube and add garlic crushed and 1-2 tbsp curry powder ... I put in a bit of fresh ginger too but just cos I had it

tip in tomatoes

add other veg - might have to chop down the florets add good squirt tom puree

cook for about an hour ... add about a tbps garam marsala cook for another 5 minutes


Radley Tue 30-May-06 10:20:00

OOooh might try that, I once made a veggie curry from one of the recipe books i have and it was horrible.

Another thing i like about this recipe is that there is no celery.

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