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Maple Syrup/Lemon/Cayenne Pepper Diet - As bad as it sounds??

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frutilla Mon 08-Jul-13 14:19:22

The nutritional info doens't add up. On the lemonade diet site it says that the syrup will provide 1-2000 cals a day. Yet they say 1-2 tbsps, 8-10 times a day. Well, I looked up the calories and a tbsp is only 52 cals, so even with 2 per drink, that's only 104 cals a time, and only 1000 cals a day if you have 10 glasses a day.
If you go for the 1 tbsp 8 times a day, that's only 400 calories per day....

Sounds dire and I can't imagine it works as a long term diet!

Healthy eating and exercise is the only way, all these quick fixes just do not work.

alexkarma Mon 08-Jul-13 12:52:44

When doing the Lemonade Diet it's highly recommended that you use laxatives in order to flush out the digestive tract. I know some individuals drink coffee instead for laxative action, but again, that's not following the guidelines and you may not receive the same benefits.

AmberLeaf Mon 17-Jun-13 14:05:15

Sounds awful!

alexkarma Mon 17-Jun-13 13:31:14

I have done the natural lemonade diet several times. It's important for you to take the laxatives, as unappealing as they seem to be, as the lemonade beverage helps loosen toxins in your system. These toxins and debri are then lingering in the digestive tract as you are only consuming a liquid diet... there is no fiber being ingested. The laxatives are really not as bad as people make them seem. You will not be in the bathroom all day. After the oral salt water enema upon arising, you generally get things rolling within an hour and it lasts less than a half hour. The herbal laxative tea is done in the evenings, and you usually only go once in the morning. Other experiences could be different, but this is most common. Here is a good site on the topic. Good luck to you.

reggiebean Thu 13-Jun-13 23:02:15

Has anyone tried this without using the laxatives? The thought of (sorry to be graphic) explosive poo for days just really grosses me out, especially as our house isn't really designed for, um... loud bathroom noises (the lounge is just the other side of the bathroom) and I don't really want to gross the whole house out.

Some posts I read online even recommended wearing adult diapers?!?!

Surely it can't be this bad... If it is this bad... Can't I just drink the drink without the laxatives? Will it work (even if it is a bit less effective) or do I really need to do it properly to see the results? I'm more looking for the weight-loss than for the detox benefits...

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