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Giving up sugar, alcohol and refined carbs 'til Xmas - HELLPP!

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Realitygf Mon 03-Jun-13 16:15:20

So after spending a week away with smug and skinny b-i-l who has lost several stone since giving up sugar at NY and then going on the scales and finding that I now weigh 12 stone (OMG!), I have decided to follow his lead and give up sugar, alcohol and, as far as possible, refined carbs until Xmas. If by Xmas, I am nearer my 10st goal, then I can decide whether to carry on or fall off the wagon.
Trouble is, I make all these rash dieting decisions (Atkins, Fat free, Dukan, 5:2) and then fall straight back off wagon in a couple of days.
Need some moral support. Anyone feel like joining me? Or at least telling me that this will work this time????

EuroShaggleton Mon 03-Jun-13 16:26:35

Based on your OP, this sounds way to ambitious and I doubt it will last to mid June...

Set yourself a more realistic goal if you know you have a tendancy to fall off the wagon.

Gilbertwasthebestcat Mon 03-Jun-13 16:45:04

I am trying to lose half a stone in about a month by low (ish) carbing, no alcohol and no sugar. I started today and did really well until a piece of cake came my way this afternoon! Still going to have chicken salad for supper as I don't want to fall off completely on day 1! I'm also doing an hours exercise x3 each week in June so I'm hoping this will help speed things on . Maybe try a shorter term goal to start with its a long time till Christmas .

EldritchCleavage Mon 03-Jun-13 16:50:25

Yeah, you can do it. Change your habits-shopping, when and where you eat to break associations that lead you to certain foods.

Try the Idiot-Proof diet by India Knight and another woman whose name I can't remember. Their recipe book is good too, as is The Low Carb Gourmet.

The Idiot-Prood Diet book is quite a good companion to the diet, which is low-carb. I read and reread it as I go along. It worked for me after DS was born and again after DD was born (lost 2 and a half of the 4 and a half stone I need to get rid of). I am just restarting after a several months long derail after my father got cancer.

I find it really helps to concentrate on what you CAN eat and just try to ignore banned foods.

Realitygf Mon 03-Jun-13 16:59:40

Thanks for positive comments. DH is apparently giving up wine too which will help as he is the one who usually cracks open the bottle after the kids have gone to bed.
Have also told b-i-l who I know will love to deride me if I fail!
Started a blog - fromdisgusttodream on wordpress.
Done OK so far today, bought some nice fish and salad for tea and giving kids jacket potatoes but headache starting to kick in already.
Will take a look at the Idiot Proof Diet for inspiration. Thanks smile

PinkCustard Mon 03-Jun-13 21:07:14

Well done & good luck! I've given up alcohol, initially for June then I will see how I feel about it. I'm hoping that after not drinking for a month I'll be inclined to continue with not drinking.

I'm also part way through reading The Bitter Truth About Sugar, and will be making some significant changes to my diet as a result. Give it a read if you haven't already, it'll help with your motivation.

tazmo Mon 03-Jun-13 22:53:30

Is it working? Soooooooooo need to lose weight! 13 st 8 lbs afterv3 kids and celebrating every night with vino. Hard to give up but need to sooooo give up as super skinny best mate (who haven't seen in 4 years) is coming over from Canada.. She is quarter Chinese so practically half my weight. 10 years ago we were the same weight except she went down. I went steAdily up!

Even my bezzer mate who drank as much as us now refrains and runs marathons! How can they do that! I feel sooooooo unfit but need to change my lifestyle habits!

EldritchCleavage Tue 04-Jun-13 10:45:30

Swap wine for tea, preferably herbal tea or at least tea without milk. Change what you do in the evenings, so you avoid that situation where you sit down and say 'Ah! Wine o'clock!' (as DH calls it).

Could you go for a walk once the kids are in bed?

Realitygf Tue 04-Jun-13 16:10:13

I know the wine thing. I try to do peppermint tea as well - not quite as fun as wine but you get used to it! Helps that DH is off the alcohol.
Day Two - so managed to stay sugar free all day yesterday which is much better than DH who had an Extra Strong Mint (that's a mint not a sweet), a piece of carrot cake (oops I forgot) and a glass of elderflower cordial (that hasn't got sugar in it has it?). Wasn't actually that bad.
Today keep fantasising about sugar, think I must be properly addicted. Accidentally ate a smartie which DD gave me before I remembered and licked DS's lolly to stop it dripping but otherwise sugar free.

holidayseeker Thu 06-Jun-13 11:50:33

I have read clean and lean by James Duigan? which is all about cutting out processed foods, sugar and alcohol. Some of the meal plans for the first 2 week detox does involve eating a lot of chicken.

I followed the first two week detox and lost half a stone but then didn't keep it up and now back to my old ways of eating junk.

I really need to change my eating habits as I went clothes shopping the other day and just couldn't buy anything as hate my body shape now sad

Sneets Wed 12-Jun-13 06:30:40

Hi realitygf. How's it going without all the sugar, alcohol and carbs?

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