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Oh, please help me out!

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oldendaysending Mon 27-May-13 10:20:48

I am in a bad way. I have always been a bit up and down with my weight, but before having the children I was a reasonably slim 10 stone and healthy BMI (at the higher end for my height but all the same.) I'm now massive - 13 and a half stone - and I can't kid myself; I look terrible! grin

I lost 2 stone a few years ago with exante packs so am starting that today and the kids are coming on a walk whether they like it or not. I'm just looking for motivation as I am pretty mortified blush

HeySoulSister Mon 27-May-13 10:51:08

You lost it before with what?

Pollydon Mon 27-May-13 10:54:09

Take a deep breath, you can do this one step at a time.
I lost 3 st 4 lb on Cambridge, It can be done, you just need to find the weight loss prog that works for you & your lifestyle .

oldendaysending Mon 27-May-13 17:09:16

Thanks. smile I can do it, but have got to be strong.

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