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Problem areas for losing weight

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TenbyChristmas Mon 27-May-13 09:25:07

Been reading a few threads in this area and lots of you have had great success in shifting the pounds. I have about 5stone to lose and started a cheaper version of the Cambridge diet this morning. Thing is, my calves are huge. HUGE. Like 19" huge. I'm 5'4" and between a size 16-18. I've been to see about lipo on them but its expensive (£2800) and I can't afford it. Have any of you out there had results in shifting weight off your calves as you lose weight? I would absolutely love to wear a skirt or be able to buy boots off the High Street. I will be exercising ( kettle bells and running) to assist the weight loss and to ensure I stay toned. I can shift the weight (have done it before) and seen results where other body parts shrink but just not from the knee down! I know part of it is genetic, my mum is quite heavy set in the legs, surely to God there's something I can do? angry

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