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Healthy, Revolutionary and Gorgeous!

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SixPackWellies Sun 26-May-13 08:25:07

Good morning Fellow Revolutionaries. Welcome to Thread 2!

Me today:

coffee with soy milk
2 ryvitas with half an avocado
spicy tomato soup (homemade) with a green salad
Small portion of roast pork, with lost of veg, a tablespoon of gravy!

Onwards and Downwards!

Rules Wed 25-Sep-13 13:43:56

Good Luck to you doing the fast diet. smile. I can't go without food for long periods as it brings on migraines.
So yesterday I had :
piece of toast with welsh salty butter and Australian honey
coffee and shared packet of Revels in cineworld with DH
Duck pancakes, fried noodles, fried chicken rice and honey and lemon king prawn in sesame seeds ( went to fave Cantonese Restaurant....Date Night )

Rules Wed 25-Sep-13 13:47:12

Errrrr......don't think I will be joining you with Christmas Cake baking...will get mine from M & S grin grin grin grin

Hazelbrowneyes Wed 25-Sep-13 14:57:18

FAILED on the fast.

B – none
L – mugshot
D – stirfry veg, noodles (FFS) and ½ fillet of salmon
S – 4 squares chocolate, 1 hard boiled egg and all of the seeds out of a butternut squash, roasted in oil and salted. OMG amazing.

So, yes. Not excellent. Slightly embarrassed to be honest! Never mind, will try again tomorrow. What it is doing is making me aware of what I eat – I went to the van today, picked up diet coke and a packet of crisps and then put them back. Feeling good about that.

B – none
L – butternut squash soup (slightly too spicy if I’m honest) with a buttered roll
D – it’ll be salmon & broccoli with pasta drizzled in chilli oil
S – hard boiled egg, 8 squares of chocolate. Doing my best to avoid the rest of the chocolate. I might treat myself to a milk lolly tonight.

Still no exercise which I really must sort out.

Just realised I haven’t bought fruit to soak (doh) so I will do that this weekend and make cake next weekend. I’d like some of that cake please Amanda it sounds lovely. White chocolate frosting? YUM.

rules love revels. My faves are the fruity ones. What did you see at the cinema?

Gorgeous day again, hoping to actually escape here on time tonight so I can sit in my garden for a bit.

twinklestar2 Wed 25-Sep-13 15:20:54

Hazel that's not a fail, that's less that what you usually eat, plus no booze! I'd say that's a success!

Yesterday's menu:

Cereal and ss milk
Chicken, rice, salad for lunch
Canapés and 2 glasses of prosecco at a work event (alternated with soft drinks smile)

TimeAgainForWellies Wed 25-Sep-13 16:06:03

Hi all.

Me today so far:

B- nothing
L- roast chicken, gravy and chips at a pub with a former colleague. 1 glass of wine.
D- no idea. Feeling very tired, as was awake since 03.19 (yes, the clock was glaring at me) just thinking about life the universe and gave up on sleep at 5. DH is about to return from a meeting and I am hopeful that he wants to just sit and have a lager with me catatonic in front of the tv.

Rules Wed 25-Sep-13 18:46:44

Hazel was the one about James Hunt and Nicki Lowder ( sorry on phone can't check spelling) about the Grand Prix . Brilliant!!!!!!!grin grin 3

Hazelbrowneyes Wed 25-Sep-13 20:38:52

I'm off to see that tomorrow night! Looks fab. Loved the documentary so looking forward to seeing the film grin

twinklestar2 Wed 25-Sep-13 21:37:35


Ss milk
2 x clementines

Lamb curry, lentil curry and rice - homemade

Quesadilla for dinner

2 biscuits

Rules Thu 26-Sep-13 02:41:34

Well you ladies are very lucky if your having sunshine. Mist here yesterday and the same today. I live on a mountain overlooking the sea so sometimes we are in a complete world of our own weather wise.

b...none but several cups of tea
l....1 wrap with vintage cheddar, Helmans full fat mayo, sweetcorn, chilli chicken, salad and fresh coriander leaves.
5 segmans of Terrys Chocolate Orange....yummmm!!!
2 mini battenburgs (love these so much) dinner....but lots of cups of tea.

Enjoy the film Hazel

Therealamandaclarke Thu 26-Sep-13 08:20:34

B: none
L: chocolate peanuts, melted chocolate, chocolate cake, mini quiche.
D: spaghetti bolognaise, garlic bread, salad. HD Creme brûlée ice cream.

Oh dear

Therealamandaclarke Thu 26-Sep-13 08:20:58

But I did go to the gym.

TimeAgainForWellies Thu 26-Sep-13 11:01:58

Morning. No dinner last night. Could not be bothered.


B- 2 rice cakes with chutney and avocado. 2 soy coffees
L- veg soup
D- risotto and salad

TimeAgainForWellies Thu 26-Sep-13 11:22:20

Oh and snack- 2 cereal bars, handful cashews. blush

TimeAgainForWellies Thu 26-Sep-13 11:33:30

... an a rice cake with marmite.


Must Stop Eating

Hazelbrowneyes Thu 26-Sep-13 11:45:58


“Fast” day today. Super hungry already. Friend has just admitted he failed on Tuesday so has just given up. Excellent support there.

B – none
L – butternut squash soup (slightly too spicy if I’m honest) with a buttered roll
D – salmon with peas, capers, pak choi, homemade pasta with a drizzle of lemon and olive oil
S – hard boiled egg, 8 squares of chocolate, hot chocolate

Really pleased at how much I’ve cut down. No alcohol either and although I’m still not sleeping, I do feel better for it. DH looks so much better after 3 days – his skin is perky again.

B – none
L – butternut squash soup again – I’m going to try to avoid having it with a roll but can’t promise!
D – chicken curry (I think it’s chicken curry anyway…freezer surprise!) which I know will take me over 500kcals again but I’ll have a small portion with either a tiny amount of rice or none at all (depends how spicy it is)
S – 4 squares of chocolate

Not sure how I’ll avoid the popcorn at the cinema tonight though.

twinkle so jealous of the prosecco envy
wellies did you manage to sleep better last night?
Amanda Well done on going to the gym!
Rules don’t worry, the sun has disappeared today!

Therealamandaclarke Thu 26-Sep-13 15:04:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hazelbrowneyes Fri 27-Sep-13 08:39:22

Amanda I felt like that every time DH opened the fridge and got a beer out. He tries not to drink wine during the week which is a bonus I guess! Neither of us drank last night either so that’s 4 days grin

I don’t think that’s lots of food at all, you’re doing well to only have one slice of cake in my opinion wink

Well, I definitely failed at fasting yesterday.

B – none
L – butternut squash soup with a buttered roll
D – bowl of chicken curry and small portion of rice
S – 4 squares dark chocolate, ½ small tub of salted popcorn blush

Cinema was good, expensive though (small popcorn and a bottle of water was £5.60!) and we didn’t get home until quite late. Nice to go out though.

B – none
L – as yesterday
D – salmon with veg
S – I have 8 squares of dark chocolate left so I’ll probably demolish those! I’ll have a drink tonight too.

I feel quite good although stepped on the scales this morning and haven’t lost anything. My stomach is definitely less bloated though.

Threalamandaclarke Fri 27-Sep-13 08:52:29

Rules "I live on a mountain overlooking the sea" envy
Ok FRs. That's the meet- up venue sorted.

Fasting today.
We shall see.

Threalamandaclarke Fri 27-Sep-13 08:54:52

Wow Hazel you've done very well IMO.
Isn't that the cinema that serves wine? And you abstained!

Hazelbrowneyes Fri 27-Sep-13 09:01:40

I read that amanda my envy stopped me from commenting! It sounds amazing rules and I am super jealous.

No, we went to our local one in the end so no wine on offer sad Although good job, I needed a wee from the moment the 35 minutes of adverts were over (35 minutes!) and was trapped in a corner so couldn't get up and squeeze past everyone. Was a very uncomfortable two hours!

twinklestar2 Fri 27-Sep-13 10:07:08

Well done hazel on the not drinking, that's really good smile

Was doing so well yesterday and then ate a kebab at midnight when hub came home from pub sad

So menu was

Ss milk

Houmous wrap for lunch


Kebab at midnight - can I count that as today's food grin

twinklestar2 Fri 27-Sep-13 10:08:29

In my defence it was a grilled chicken kebab <clutches at straws>

TimeAgainForWellies Fri 27-Sep-13 12:53:38

Good morning!

What, the meet up is somewhere other than mine? [stamps foot petulantly. Breathes sigh of relief]


Way to go Hazel!

Grilled chicken kebab, oh YUM.A place where i used to work did grilled chicken with garlic mayo and really spicy chilli oil. That was my lunch almost every day. blush

Me, hmm. I weighed in and i am 10 stone 9.2 pounds. I knew i have dropped the ball lately so am not too surprised. This week i have a few aims that i want to stick to;

1- 15,000 steps a day (I am reaching that easily)
2- fruit for breakfast
3- soup for lunch
4- no wheat.

I am terribly bloated, and i do look pg, so want to cut wheat out for a week and see what happens.


B- apple
L- pumpkin soup
D- 3 bean chilli with rice, a tiny bit of meat, guacamole and sour cream.

So, that is me! Thanks Hazel i slept badly again, but last night slept very well. We did not even wake up until 7.30 which is unheard of!!! We don';t even set an alarm as we both are usually up and doing at 5.30! Hope you sleep better soon also.

TimeAgainForWellies Fri 27-Sep-13 12:56:06

That was, I slept badly the night before last then last night slept brain is going faster than my typing fingers!

TimeAgainForWellies Fri 27-Sep-13 13:12:25

Oh... just to share an amusement with my FR's.

Today i was going over an order with someone for DH's business, and was in a bit of a rush and bollocksed up a figure. I said to the woman (who I have never met before) 'Oh sorry about that' to which she replied- totally straight face and totally seriously; 'Don't worry. I usually find I am the smartest person in the room'.

I found it incredibly funny rather than insulting. grin (Maybe because I know I am actually pretty smart too.)

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