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Healthy, Revolutionary and Gorgeous!

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SixPackWellies Sun 26-May-13 08:25:07

Good morning Fellow Revolutionaries. Welcome to Thread 2!

Me today:

coffee with soy milk
2 ryvitas with half an avocado
spicy tomato soup (homemade) with a green salad
Small portion of roast pork, with lost of veg, a tablespoon of gravy!

Onwards and Downwards!

LegoCaltrops Tue 20-Aug-13 21:53:12

I'm here as well. Have also had a manic day. Spent the entire morning cleaning - inside the oven, hob, 2 loads of washing up, 1 load of laundry, cleaned kitchen counters, cleaned bathroom. Went to work. Came home & went straight to allotment to get the boundary inspection done, hopefully the council are going to help remove the mountain of rubbish that I discovered at the end when I killed off the jungle of weeds. They should also remove the 2 trees in the part of the plot that I didn't realise was mine. Got home at 7, realised I'd not had breakfast or lunch... we got takeaway for dinner. I had curry. very nice but calorific.

I am thinking of starting am AIBU - "AIBU to not relax ever when I have the morning to myself."

Emilythornesbff Tue 20-Aug-13 22:20:00

Hey hazel and lego
<received to see friendly faces>

hazel don't worry. It sounds like you've earned your snacks today. Can't be on the diet ball all the time eh.

lego blimey. That's busy. Mainly housework here today.
As dd is now eating food there's lots of cooking/ feeding/ laundry to be done. grin. Maybe I'll tell you what she ate as it's better than my menu. grin
Must stay away from aibu. Addictive and depressing.

Emilythornesbff Tue 20-Aug-13 22:21:12

And yes YAbu not to ever relax if you have a morning to yourself. grin

LegoCaltrops Wed 21-Aug-13 06:53:18

Emily I happened to spot the thread you are on about. FWIW I largely agree with you & do the same thing generally, options are limited where we are (medium rural northern English town with a lot of infrastructure no newer than the mid 80s, some from the 50s & 60s) so it's either do that or never leave the house for the first couple of years. And we had am incident of a child go missing here a few years ago so I don't think YABU at all. child turned up ok but still...

I spent SO MUCH time batch cooking for my DD when she was first weaning, them decanting it into tiny pots to freeze, pushing them out into labelled freezer bags & boxes so she would have a varied diet. bloody boring & time consuming, but she is now really good eater & not at all fussy. she isn't massively keen on meat sometimes. & aubergine, but has eaten everything else so far. my sister relied exclusively on jars & her DD will only eat cheese, bread, sausage rolls, chicken & berries, & sweet cereal for breakfast. At least sister has now stopped with the 'Miriam Stoppard' smug motherhood expert advice she kept randomly offering without being asked <slightly annoyed> And yes, the increased laundry is fun as well... as is cleaning the TV after DD tries to feed Mr Maker her mid morning snack! grin

Think I don't relax so I use cleaning as a way to avoid sitting & eating random rubbish. Still, the kitchen looks way better.

Anyway I'll stop ranting now. It does feel better doesn't it! grin


Emilythornesbff Thu 22-Aug-13 08:51:15

lego I love batch cooking. It's so satisfying.
Sadly I don't feel the same about cleaning. <surveys slightly crunchy kitchen floor>

Therealamandaclarke Fri 23-Aug-13 19:22:27

Hey FRs.
It's me. Ems! wink
Took a small beating on aibu so I found but had to come back here.

<looks around empty "room">

FD today.
Phew. Was tough. Not a total fast but certainly < 500 cals. And no breakfast or lunch, just a few bites around dinner time.
So quite pleased but feeling a bit annoyed with myself as I've not WI for a while. I don't think I've lost anything recently (apart from my mind).
A bit tmi but I had a more a coil fitted a couple of weeks ago and although they reckon the hormones have no systemic effect, I think it. Might be responsible for a major raging pmt type effect I've been experiencing. Hmm. We shall see.
NFD tomorrow and I'm already thinking about what to eat blush

O&D FRs.

Therealamandaclarke Fri 23-Aug-13 19:22:58

found ?
Flounced, of course.

Therealamandaclarke Sat 24-Aug-13 14:35:50

Helloooooooo <echo>

Well, before renaming this thread "threalamandaclarke emilythornesbff diet fail advice" I shall share my food update.
So glad I fasted yesterday or I would have just had one this week, which would never have countered all my NFD eating.
This morning I had a large mocha chino and toast & marmalade (homemade whole meal bread)
No snacks. Lunch was wraps with cheese, toms, packet of ready salted blush a few of DSs crisps blush blush a slice of salami and 2 nectarines.
Dinner will be a Jamie Oliver pasta and sausagey thing. No idea about pudding (I know, I should just go without.)
No mini magnums for several days. <polishes Halo>

O&D invisible revolutionaries.

Therealamandaclarke Sun 25-Aug-13 19:43:13

Day 4 of threalamandaclarke's desert diet.....

NFD today. It's been ok food wise. I have been busy and sociable.
Bf: mochaccino with toast and marmalade.
L: chicken and ham pie (homemade, natch wink) green beams and a little mash. Mini magnum (natch)
D: carrot cake and scones. grin
I haven't wanted to comfort eat. No idea why because I'm not in the best of moods (seriously sleep deprived and selfish DH thought it was ok for him to sit on his fucking arse while I took both DCs to soft play and grocery shopping) blush did I say that out loud.
Anyho. Not that it matters as I'm talking to myself here grin
FD tomorrow. <groans>

O&D FRs.

LegoCaltrops Mon 26-Aug-13 07:48:51

Hi Amanda. I saw it. OMG that got a bit nasty didn't it! poor you!

I see you have caved & had a mini magnum. grin I love them. Although, worryingly, I appear to be going off chocolate! I can't believe it, don't know whether to be gutted & cross that I've lost my source of comfort in times of stress, or relieved that it will no longer rule my life at said times, calling to me like a mermaid, about to drag me under the sea & I can't save myself from it's delicious clutches. Ahem. blush

Off to weigh in shortly. no idea what it will be like. However, chocolate has been eaten this week, most unsatisfactory AND fattening so I'm annoyed at myself for not just putting it down.

LegoCaltrops Mon 26-Aug-13 09:17:51

Well, I weighed, am 9st 11.5 lb. That's 2lb off this week & 39lb loss so far, Yay!

Have discovered Eggs Benedict. yummy. (for brunch so not too sinful) grin blush

Therealamandaclarke Mon 26-Aug-13 09:46:42

Hey lego. Fantastic results! I'm so impressed. You must be über pleased with yourself.

Also you are marvellous poet I see.

I am fasting today. Just gave DCs their breakfast and I found it really difficult to resist food. But I've had a coffee (with milk) and now feel calm and in control. I think I will make omelette and actifry chips for family tonight. I could have a bit of omelette. Hmm.
I don't feel like comfort eating again. Long may it continue. hmm

I must stay away from aibu. It's too easy to become embroiled in an argument, and create more problems when really I start off just wanting to support other mums. <slaps self>

Therealamandaclarke Mon 26-Aug-13 09:47:22

I LOVE eggs benedict

LegoCaltrops Mon 26-Aug-13 13:46:08

Yes definitely stay away from AIBU if it upsets you. I mostly just lurk on there myself, rarely post as some of the threads can be very controversial/attract people with strong & sometimes extreme opinions. Must admit I didn't read the entire thread as it was very depressing/repetitive, it seemed to turn into a bit of a witch hunt though.

Yes, I am pretty pleased with my loss so far. I reckon I've got about another stone or so to go, I was 8st 8lb before I got pregnant, so if I can get to 9, I'll be content with that, & hopefully get back down to 8.8 eventually. You're doing pretty well yourself though, from what I remember.

Do you think everyone else has abandoned us?

SixPackWellies Mon 26-Aug-13 14:43:07

Hello! So sorry I have been awol (again). Just busy manic weeks, and I felt so tired of dieting and fed up with myself. I have barely been on MN at all. Just usually checking in every couple of days.

Thereal it is YOU??!! Ems?! Thanks for commenting on my thread about my friend with the gifts. smile I never saw the AIBU beating you clearly got. Sorry about that. thanks

Will read back and catch up.

SixPackWellies Mon 26-Aug-13 14:48:20

No, I am back too lego.

me today:

Weetabix, milk and 2 walnuts
toasted sandwich with lettuce, tomato and hummus one glass of wine

Dinner- lamb kebabs. more wine

I am 10 stone 8.6, so have put on 3.6 pounds in the past few weeks. Oh well. I am back to it now, newly inspired. Whittle whittle. Christ on a bike (or Jesus in a cabbage van) I do not care if I lose 0.5 pounds a week until Christmas- as long as the trend is down.

Hugs all FR. smile

LegoCaltrops Mon 26-Aug-13 14:57:37

Hello Wellies!

I remembered something I saw on TV a few weeks ago about dieting. Apparently if you eat whole nuts, they used almonds in the study/example, it's really filling & nutritious as they have lots of protein & good fat. However as long as you eat whole raw nuts (not nut butter or cooked ones) you don't actually absorb all of the fat. So I may have found something to replace the chocolate, actually a healthier option & more portable. We'll see how it goes but I do rather like almonds. Will let you know if it helps re the diet.

SixPackWellies Mon 26-Aug-13 15:08:07

Hello Lego!

That is very interesting about nuts. I have avoided nuts lately, but really love brazil nuts especially on cereal.

Let me know how it goes.

Incidentally- DH this week was extremely annoyed about a neighbour who parks blocking our driveway. He said he was going to make caltrops and started explaining what they were when I stopped him mid-sentence and said 'I know what they are'.

he was most impressed. grin

Therealamandaclarke Mon 26-Aug-13 16:03:46

Hurrah for the return of our leader. Yes, 'tis Ems. Missed you!
I love kebabs. Yum.

Thanks lego forthe tip abut nuts. I love nuts. Will buy on next shop.

Is there a food I don't love? hmm

LegoCaltrops Mon 26-Aug-13 17:51:39

Wellies happy to help! grin

Caveat about the nuts - they did specify that if you use them as a diet aid, you do obviously need to be careful not to go overboard as they are high cal. And they need to be plain raw whole nuts, so no dry roasted/salted/wasabi etc & definitely no peanut butter. But I have to say, I do find them very filling so can't imagine eating that many at once.


Therealamandaclarke Mon 26-Aug-13 18:57:23

Craving nuts now.
I've had a 2 egg omelette, 1 cherry tomato and a banana this FD.
Really, really keen to skip breakfast tomorrow. This is because normally I am desperate for toast or cereal cake in the morning but then I feel hungry by 10 amid I eat breakfast. If I can overcome that initial craving I don't feel hungry until much later.

We shall see.


SixPackWellies Tue 27-Aug-13 06:26:59

Good morning!

Good luck with your FD Thereal.

Today I am going to focus on eating three mid-sized and nourishing meals. That is it. I am also going to make slight adjustments to things (no milk in coffee for example) and just whittle whittle!

Today - black coffee, 1 Weetabix with grapes, milk and walnuts.

Lunch -Ham salad sandwich with a pear

Dinner - I am thinking of a chicken mushroom casserole over rice that I do.

Drinks- water, herbal teas. No alcohol.

Therealamandaclarke Tue 27-Aug-13 07:23:48

sixpack today's menu looks great. 3 meals sounds so perfect and simple. It's definitely the way to go. I am stunned by how many secret calories I can consume with stealth snacking.
NFD but I would like to stick to 2 meals today.
Spaghetti putanesca for dinner.
O&D FRs.

Hazelbrowneyes Tue 27-Aug-13 09:27:11

I am also back.

UGH to my bank holiday over eating.

I won’t bore you with last weeks menu (but believe me it was bad, very very bad. Crisps everyday)


Saturday – croissant, smoky bacon crisps, 2 mid-size sausage rolls, handful of peanuts, mushroom risotto (prezzo) and hazelnut icecream bomb (also prezzo), 1 bottle of wine.

Sunday – mushroom and cheese omelette, olives, gluten free croutons, bean salad, pea and tomato salad, the following skewers: prawn and chorizo, pork and peach, chicken satay, halloumi and grilled veg, lamb and cumin. Bad enough? Lets add in a massive bowl of blackberry sorbet and follow that with gluten free chocolate cake with a huge amount of walnut liquor flavoured cream. Oh and about 1.5 bottles of wine. Still, the beauty of a GF menu meant I wasn’t at all bloated. We also had some fun with target practice (before consuming the alcohol). I’ve never used a gun before but I was pretty good!

Monday – bacon, egg and mushroom followed by 3 hours of working in the garden so of course I had to have an ice lolly, then some crisps and dip. Then the 6 of us from Sunday met up again to finish off the leftovers so you can pretty much repeat the above menu, minus desserts. Of course, I’d had a bottle of wine so got home and was still hungry. So DH did some chips and wedges in the deep fat fryer, made a delicious curry sauce and we devoured the lot blush

I haven’t weighed in this morning, first time in ages. I’m pretty pleased to report that yesterday I was weighing in at 8st 13lbs. I’m especially pleased because it’s that time of the month so I was expecting to put on a few lbs but I appear to have somehow lost 3lbs despite eating a load of shite for the last few weeks.

Today is a new start – whilst I may weigh less than I did 6 months ago, my waist size has actually increased and I know that’s down to alcohol and too many carbs. Oh and lack of exercise. Typically, we’ve had a bumper crop of potatoes this year so for the next few weeks, every meal will have to be potato based.

B – none
L – chicken salad
D – ribeye steak with green beans and a few potatoes
S – I have a crunchy nut bar with me, a pepperami and a mocha frappucino drink. My goal for today is not to go out to the van.
E – DH admitted yesterday that he was knackered after gardening and he wants to get fitter. He has a physical job but he’s struggling with it at the moment so he wants to increase his fitness. It’s meant to be a lovely evening so I’m going to suggest a walk somewhere.

Amanda lovely to see you! I didn’t see the thread but it must have been bad for you to need to reincarnate. Hugs xxx

Lego You are doing so, so, so well! Xxx

Wellies Your menu today looks fab and an excellent focus. Snacking is my downfall so I really need to do 3 meals and forget about food at all other times! xxx

Massively long post, sorry about that!

Therealamandaclarke Tue 27-Aug-13 19:29:10


Well. I didn't stand a chance.
Breakfast: granary toast with marmalade. From here it went pear shaped. I was do ridiculously hungry at 11am, I scared myself. I cannot remember when I last felt like that. Actually faint and shaking.
I literally tore into the following food, cramming into my cake hole: <Deep breath> 3 handfuls of mixed nuts (actually I blame lego for that one grin), 1 pear, 1 slice carrot cake, 1 slice of roughly sawn- off slice of granary bread WITH hurriedly spread - on butter, 1 packet of s&v Mccoys crisps. shock [shame].

Then I walked a mile into town with dd in pram. Stopped for a cup f tea and thought "in for a penny..." and had a slice of carrot cake. blush

Dinner was spaghetti as planned.
Oddly, I've managed to drink 1750mls water today, which I never, ever do. I feel very very full <surprise>.

I know full well that my morning toast has to go. No more.
From this day forward I will not eat anything before 11am, with the possible exception of weekends.
I am rubbish.
And I need a wee.

hazel great weight loss result. Well done.

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