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Healthy, Revolutionary and Gorgeous!

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SixPackWellies Sun 26-May-13 08:25:07

Good morning Fellow Revolutionaries. Welcome to Thread 2!

Me today:

coffee with soy milk
2 ryvitas with half an avocado
spicy tomato soup (homemade) with a green salad
Small portion of roast pork, with lost of veg, a tablespoon of gravy!

Onwards and Downwards!

LegoCaltrops Mon 29-Jul-13 07:53:02

Well I'm still at 10st 1lb. Actually a bit of a surprise, given how many pieces of chocolate pudding I've eaten this weekend (at least 3) blush

I'm now easily into a size 12 so have loads more choice from my pre pregnancy clothes, Yay! And am taking 2 big bags full to the charity shop this morning that are now TOO BIG! Can fit some (but not that many) size 10 as well.

Otherwise it's been a crap week. DH not pulling his weight. House is a tip & he does sod all housework despite being SAHD, I do what I can when I get back from work. I'm increasing my hours this week as well so we have enough money to live on when he starts college. Any suggestions how to cope? (Other than LTB!)


SixPackWellies Mon 29-Jul-13 11:00:15

Good morning! Thanks for the congratulations..... aiming for 10 stone 4 or under this week. had a weekend filled with way too much of everything though.

Lego I am so sorry it has been a crap week for you. My DH does sod all too around the house but manages plenty of time to do the DIY stuff he loves..... I get so angry about it and have said more than once that if I ever divorce him, then that is why. I will watch eagerly for hints as well. Is there any way you can have a cleaner once a week? I have had to cancel mine as we no longer have the disposable income to spare, but she was a godsend. She just broke the back of things. I have no idea what state the house will descend into now she is gone.

Emilythornesbff Mon 29-Jul-13 16:21:58

Wel done lego on maintaining. I think I have gained weight just from reading about that chocolate pudding.
Re: DH and housework. I don't know. <unhelpful>. My dh is very untidy (believe me you ain't seen nothing like it) and there's no changing that. But I am on mat leave. Which is a bit like temporarily being a SAHP I guess. I do the housework. But sometimes it is hard to get much done with 2 DCs at home. Is it possible he's just feeling overwhelmed by childcare??? <clutching at straws?>
In your position, assuming he's a good guy otherwise, I would: Do less housework yourself, learn to put up with a bit of mess (easier said than done but essential for your sanity), draw up a list of chores and divide it up getting him to agree to take responsibility for specific tasks. Try to be realistic about what's likely to be manageable to avoid disappointment.
Does he cook? Does he do any laundry? Washing up? Or is he just "babysitting" under duress while waiting for his course to start?? How oldis your DC? All these things make a difference I think.

I am fasting today but I've stealthily eaten a teaspoon of raisin cookie mixture, and a teaspoon of homemade hummus (for tasting purposes)
I am hungry now. About to cook sausages for DH and DS. This is the tough bit I think.

O&D FRs.

Hazelbrowneyes Mon 29-Jul-13 16:39:29

Quickly nipping in to say hello. I'm being a bad revolutionary, trying not to get too down about it whilst stuffing my face full of bad stuff. I'm about half a stone heavier than I wanted to be at this point so I can't deny I do feel a bit blue.

Haven't read any posts over the last few days as I've been really busy, will hopefully catch up and do a proper post this evening.


LegoCaltrops Mon 29-Jul-13 21:24:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LegoCaltrops Mon 29-Jul-13 21:42:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Emilythornesbff Mon 29-Jul-13 22:35:01

Ah don't worry lego I didn't think that.
It sounds like you've both made good progress if he's upped his game with meals. Relationships are complicated. And it's easy to take each other for granted. I do hate the way men find it so easy to accuse us of nagging <rolls eyes>

He may really flourish when he can get cracking with something he feels is really suited to him. What will you do for childcare when he goes to uni? <nosy>

LegoCaltrops Mon 29-Jul-13 23:21:06

Well we're having to juggle it this year - I need 24 hours work per week to get tax credits (so we can pay the rent & eat etc) but can't afford nursery, we've worked out we can just (barely) make it work between the 2 of us - the college is right opposite my work so we can do handovers there. But, apparently next year, as we're on a low income we'll get a grant for 85% of DD's nursery fees so it should be ok. We'll manage to find the rest.

The chocolate pudding is gone. blush

Good night all.

Emilythornesbff Tue 30-Jul-13 08:24:58

lego that's great news about getting help with nursery. Really pleased.
I guess your oh goes to uni this September. All very exciting.

NFD. Bacon, egg, toast, toms, coffee, tea.

Dd is trying some watermelon. grin

Spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. Yum.


LegoCaltrops Tue 30-Jul-13 22:04:20

Hi all.

Today has been a better day (jobs & stress wise) but also not good (food wise). DH had done a couple of bits while I was at work & did some more after I got home. So it appears that he is trying, for now at least. I hope it lasts, I know it's hard & demoralising to have no company except a baby all morning & the time can just get away from you.
Food wise - am stressed, it's too hot here (again) & I've got something like eczema on my scalp (I think) which is flaring up & very uncomfortable. Trying not to scratch. But I tend to either binge or totally lose my appetite when I'm feeling stressed. Today I didn't eat until dinner, & even then I struggled. Crap! sad Dinner was very nice as well, DH made Chilli yesterday & it was leftovers of that which I usually love.

If my scalp doesn't start to improve by next week I'm going to the doctor. I've been trying to sort it myself using natural remedies - essential oils etc, as I'm prone to allergies & suspicious of things from the pharmacy which have caused me problems in the past.

I am putting it down to stress, possibly the weather? My mum thinks (don't laugh) it's a an attack by devils & it's my fault for not going to church... I think she's loony.


Bakingnovice Wed 31-Jul-13 00:05:36

Lego you do sound stressed. I wish there was something I could do to help!

Wellies - wow well done on the weight loss. Is this down to the juice diet you are doing?

Emily - I am salivating at your menu. How much have you lost now with fasting?

I'm still running, love it. I'm doing 5k now and my body is leaner. I gained about 4lb when I started running and they've all gone now. Fingers crossed I can lose proper weight now. The running has cured my depression totally. I was starting to feel low again and as always exercise has been the best anti depressant for me.

Hazel - dont worry about the food. Once you're in the right mindset it'll all come off.

LegoCaltrops Wed 31-Jul-13 06:11:36

Thanks Baking I am feeling a bit better this morning as I slept pretty well. Wasn't expecting to as DD has at least 2 teeth looming but she is such a good girl. grin massive un-stealth boast!


LegoCaltrops Wed 31-Jul-13 06:14:37

Ooh and I'm very impressed by the running, that's amazing! I did have a go a running a while ago but struggled (hot weather) I am going to try again when it's a bit cooler. Fantastic!

SixPackWellies Wed 31-Jul-13 07:23:26

Morning all.

Glad you are feeling better Lego. Baking the running is incredibly impressive. If it has helped you feeling low then I may well try it, as I have a bit of a struggle with that also.

Not sure if I have sabotaged my weight loss at all!!! (Probably) . I allowed myself the weekend 'off' and have not gotten back 'on' yet. I have not juiced at all, and have been eating nothing but junk. Went dress shopping yesterday and did not realise I actually had cellulite on my stomach. sad So back to it. I am hoping to get back to one main meal a day and two types of juice at the other times. I DO think it has helped, Baking. It seems to have helped my skin- someone said to me that I was not looking so 'grey'. It's expensive though getting through all that produce.

Have a funeral to go to today. sad So have had green juice, will eat wisely at the wake and then will red juice for dinner.

O&D FR!!!

Emilythornesbff Wed 31-Jul-13 13:45:27

Hey FRs.

wellies sorry to hear about the funeral. thanks

lego I wonder if you might have psoriasis, which certainly seems to be exacerbated by stress. Don't worry about not eating. Let it come in it's own time. Glad your dh is upping his game a bit. My dd is teething too, poor thing. jam really struggling to get anything done at all. It's quite stressful.

baking I am both impressed and envy at your running.

I've lost 1stone 10lb in four months. Slowing down in the last few weeks. I'd really like to drop another half stone tbh.
Mini fast today. So no food until a normal dinner of spaghetti bolognaise (gotta love those leftovers).


Emilythornesbff Wed 31-Jul-13 20:59:16

Diet fail.
This doesn't happen often. I had planned a mini fast. But I caved in and ate two vegetable samosas before collecting DS from CM this afternoon. They were utterly divine.
So with spag Bol, 2 slices of very, vey garlicky (my fault, home made) garlic bread, salad, mini ice cream, sizeable chunk of halva and a chunk of green and black's blush I think I might have over done it today.
Oh the shame.
I shall put it down to tiredness(true, I am) and assume that I don't need to buy smaller trousers this week. grin

Emilythornesbff Wed 31-Jul-13 21:00:02

And 2 oatmeal raisin cookies.
bastard home baking!

LegoCaltrops Wed 31-Jul-13 22:54:10

Emily I will join you on the naughty step. I pigged a fair number of crisps at work this morning (they always bring in food at month end as it's always hectic) & although they were naice hand cooked proper crisps, I suspect they are just as fattening... But I also had grapes & cherry tomatoes, & avoided the mass of cake/samosas/sausage rolls etc. However I then got home & shared a (large) bar of Dairy Milk with DH. I don't even like Dairy Milk that much, I only had it in for cooking (seriously). At least it's gone now & not tempting me to make cake, which would have been worse. Trying to see the bright side... sad

Emily I wondered about psoriasis but I know nothing about it & would feel silly turning up at the doctor, without trying to sort it out myself first - it's hardly life threatening. I'm trying Tea Tree & peppermint essential oils in my shampoo, if no improvement by next week I'll go to the doc. It is driving me potty though & I'm sure people think I have nits, must not scratch.

Anyway today was better. Even if only because it's FINALLY rained properly without a massive thunderstorm. A lot cooler, Yay!


SixPackWellies Thu 01-Aug-13 11:33:16

Morning all.

I am on the naughty step too, as had three glasses of wine yesterday at the wake and then another when I got home.

Lego psoriasis or wondering if it is is a perfectly valid reason to go to the GP. It can indeed be an irritating to painful to debilitating condition.

You inspired me Emily with spag bol- am making that today. I am having salmon and lime kebabs though.

I cautiously climbed onto the scales today and am holding at 10 stone 5 which pleases me immensely. smile

So, have lost 13 pounds since the end of January. I would like another 10 off, and plan to offload that within the next 2 months.

O&DW FR!!!!!

SixPackWellies Thu 01-Aug-13 11:33:56

I meant- am making spag bol for the family. I am salmon-ing.

Emilythornesbff Thu 01-Aug-13 11:56:34

Well done wellies

Where do you live lego?

Hazelbrowneyes Thu 01-Aug-13 15:40:16

Hi All,

Gah, I’m feeling blue. I have beer fear, not helped by one of my friends telling me that on a scale of 1-10 about how annoying I was yesterday, I scored 11. I’m sure he was only winding me up but my hungover self can’t cope with that. Have text another friend to apologise for talking AT her husband for a few hours yesterday. No reply. They all hate me <wail> <sob> etc.

So once again, I’m deep in thought over how much I drink. Yesterday was an exception I guess as we were at the races (won 4 out of 7!) but I still didn’t need to drink as much as I did.

I’ve decided that throughout August I’m going to try to just stick to the recommended units. I need to hit this head on; I hate feeling like an embarrassment.

Food? Goodness, where to start. It’s been bad. Really bad. I haven’t even kept a diary as I’m so ashamed at how much crap I’ve eaten. I’ve consumed lots of ice cream, lots of chips, lots of carbs. Ridiculous.

B – bacon & egg
L – chips
D – American hot pizza
S – wine, wine and more wine.

B – bacon & egg
L – tuna and sweetcorn wrap
D – no idea as we forgot to get the lamb out the freezer
S – galaxy chocolate, s&v crisps, festival double chocolate icecream.

Today was meant to be a fresh start sad I’ve got a fasting blood test tomorrow morning, so I might continue that on and try to fast until the afternoon then just stick to 500 cal total. I’m going to sit down with DH and meal plan as I need to get into the mindset now. I’ve put weight on and I’m so unhappy at the moment so I need to do something.

Well done wellies it sounds like the juice diet is really working for you!

lego speak to the doc or the pharmacist. If it’s worrying you then it’s definitely worth speaking to someone who can help xx

Emily get off the naughty step, infact, all of you get off. You’re all doing so well! x

baking so pleased the running is going well, it sounds like it’s perfect for you in lots of ways!

Right, an hour left at work and then home to catch some rays in an effort to cheer myself up. I’ll be a better revolutionary from now on, promise x

Emilythornesbff Thu 01-Aug-13 18:22:38

Hey hazel
Sounds like you had a good time at Goodwood. grin

Hazelbrowneyes Fri 02-Aug-13 16:02:53

I did, thanks Emily grin

So yesterday was a disaster with the food:
B – bacon & egg
L – tuna and sweetcorn wrap
D – whole red pepper stuffed with couscous and a corn on the cob (it needed eating!)
S – galaxy, S&V crisps, full fat coke, ice cream, 2 mini sausage rolls, 1 mini scotch egg

Ugh. I felt crappy all day. Didn’t drink last night and had fasting blood test this morning. I should get the results back on Tuesday which is pretty quick.

B – none
L – tuna and sweetcorn sandwich
D – lamb steak with something – no idea what
S – mini cheddars

I think I’m going to have a night in tonight, it’s been a rough day at work and I don’t really want to see anyone. Instead, I quite fancy meal planning for the next week so I can properly get back on track with the healthy eating.

SixPackWellies Sat 03-Aug-13 06:32:04

Morning all.

hazel Goodwood sounds like it was a pretty intense day!

How did the meal planning go?

me yesterday:

green juice
boiled egg
5-6 glasses of wine over course of the day (DParents arrived for a visit).
Thai red prawn curry and rice from takeaway- was delicious!!!! I only ate half my serving though, as got full.

My plan today - we are out and about all day, so my only plan is to make the best choices available to me, while avoiding refined carbs as I bloat, and to alternate any alcoholic drink with a pint of fizzy water.

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