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My water diet

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amazingmumof6 Sat 25-May-13 09:51:42

I need to loose weight. but how?

I'm far too busy to concentrate on what I eat, how much and when.

It stresses met out when I have to prepare special foods & drinks for myself in advance because we are going to a friends' or have guests or travelling or whatever.

We have 6 kids and I'm just so busy. 4 at school, 2 at home, there's always something more important than weighing and calculating my little portions of pasta.
I always get interrupted and distracted.

Plus baby is only 13 months and is a mummy's girl, so I rarely get anything done - like tidying or being organized.
I'm not even going to talk about lack of sleep.

the house is a mess and I DH is about to have an operation, then there are holidays and birthdays and so on. It's just too much.

Weight Watchers always worked for me, so my plan is to go back in September, but as for now I can not fully commit to it.
I can't do it half-arsed.

that's all very well, but what about for the next 3 months?
my birthday is at the end of August and we are going on holiday and I really want to loose about 2 stones (which I did with WW 2 years ago, so I know I can) and wear my prettier clothes and feel just healthier.

So I came up with an idea.


I've heard countless of times and from various sources that half the time (or so) we eat because we are thirsty, not hungry. that not enough water is one of the reasons we over-eat.

so I thought that I will drink 2 litres of water everyday and will not worry about what I eat and when and how much. And see if that makes a difference.

See if it helps me reduce cravings, if it fills me up to reduce food intake.
or flush out toxins. or help me feel less tired.
And most importantly if it helps me to get slimmer.
I've got nothing to loose - just the extra weight!grin

Join me if you like.

Tinwe Wed 17-Jul-13 08:10:36

Zing - want working yesterday, just at home with the girls/babies (still can't decide what to call them at age 1 and 2)! We had a couple of planned visitors and then some extra unplanned ones plus a drs apt for DD2 mid afternoon which confirmed (no shock) she has asthma sad She's only 1 so i hate the idea of regular medicine for her but she's constantly chesty wheezing so I suppose it's good she'll have the right treatment now.

Tinwe Wed 17-Jul-13 08:11:01

Wasn't not want! Definitely didn't want to work!

Tinwe Wed 17-Jul-13 08:12:19

Zing - I like half and half. Is blonde brownie a core B and J just shocked myself with how much knowledge I have of this hmm

ZingWidge Wed 17-Jul-13 08:14:45

I see!

oh sorry to hear about your little one having asthma.

and I would call them girlie-whirlies!grin

ZingWidge Wed 17-Jul-13 08:15:42

yes Tin it has a salted caramel centre which is utterly gorgeous!

MrsHoarder Wed 17-Jul-13 10:33:17

I had cookie dough. Most of them are too sickly for me (and this isn't a very good diet thread, I need to not think about ice cream).

Sorry to hear about your DD, hope the treatment helps soon.

Having a lovely fresh glass of tap water which is cool and refreshing and just what I need on a hot morning like this.

ZingWidge Fri 19-Jul-13 18:46:42

I'm officially ashamed.
I put on a bit more again blush angry

I haven't been drinking my target for days so no wonder.

<hides in cave>

Tinwe Fri 19-Jul-13 21:40:41

Thanks Mrs Hoarder! She's adjusted to the spacer/inhaler and doesn't seem frightened by it anymore so just waiting to see if it helps now, I'm sure it will.

After a couple of so so days earlier this week, I've really stepped up my water and cut back on my diet and have seen my weight FINALLY going down (I'd plateaued) smile

Tinwe Fri 19-Jul-13 21:41:59

Don't worry Zing. It might be water weight related in this weather, especially if you're not drinking as your body will retain fluid. Just jump back on the easy wagon when you're ready smile

ZingWidge Sat 20-Jul-13 01:44:21

thanks tin!

you are probably right, I do feel that I absorb water in this heat!

also I've been ov this week and had a lot of pain all week - so maybe that is connected.

Tinwe Sat 20-Jul-13 21:12:27

Well, started off a bad water day but ended well. Was at a party with only lemonade in little cups to hand but made up for it when I got home. How's everyone else doing today?

AmandaPandtheTantrumofDoom Sat 20-Jul-13 21:18:50

I already drank a lot so aiming for 3 litres. Reckon that I did about 2.5 today. Food not great though. Long car journey and too many snacks.

ZingWidge Sun 21-Jul-13 08:51:48

I managed 1.5 l yesterday!
tinwe thanks for encouragement!

I'll tey my best today again. tomorrow wil be tricky as I'm travelling all day....

ZingWidge Sun 21-Jul-13 08:52:15


not tey

Sorelip Sun 21-Jul-13 11:55:31

I haven't been keeping track of amounts, but I reckon I've been drinking at least 2 litres a day. Massive drinking glasses help!

Tinwe Mon 22-Jul-13 00:22:58

Well done Zing and Sore smile I drink lots when travelling as I'm not distracted so don't forget to drink/ hope that makes sense!

Tinwe Tue 23-Jul-13 08:04:16

Good day yesterday, anyone else?

ZingWidge Tue 23-Jul-13 09:04:09

I think I had heat exhaustion, I went up to London, which meant having to walk 20mins to & back from train then another hour walking around in the heat, I had no food or drink as i was worried about having to go to the loo.

drank a bit of water on way home, then did school run, came home and collapsed.
had a 2hour sleep in the afternoon and an ok night sleep, but I still feel dizzy.

I'm definitely drinking loads today, finished 0.5l bottle already.

Tinwe Tue 23-Jul-13 11:40:26

Oh dear! Still I suppose it's got you re enthused about this plan now smile

ZingWidge Tue 23-Jul-13 12:28:22

tinwe grin silver lining eh?

Tinwe Tue 23-Jul-13 18:18:58

grin Feeling better today though I hope?

ZingWidge Tue 23-Jul-13 22:09:29

slightly, thanks. felt weird all day, like mild hangover.

it's nice and cool now and I'm an "owl" so I'm going to get some tidying done.

kids finally break up tomorrow, I can't wait to sleep in on Thursday!

Tinwe Wed 24-Jul-13 19:54:48

How's everyone today? I've drunk lots but feel but rubbish too sad

formicadinosaur Thu 25-Jul-13 19:10:06

Why not try the 5:2 fasting thing. It's quite straight forward and easier then expected

ZingWidge Thu 25-Jul-13 22:02:57

thanks formica I'm not interested in dieting right now. is it working for you though?

day 1 of hols and kids are already driving me up the wall.
Little one's been ill since Sunday and screams if I don't hold her.
I find it hard enough to get through the day as such and even drinking 2l of water daily is a big challenge for me right now - I manage 1.5l max nowadays.

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