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I'm going to be the fat bridesmaid :(

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AngryFeet Fri 24-May-13 21:36:45

So one of my oldest friends is getting married at the end of September and asked me to be a bridesmaid 4 months ago. She is a teeny size 6 and is incredibly beautiful. The other bridemaids are also very slim and then there is me who is a size 18. I kept trying to lose weight and swopped between low cal, low carb and 5:2 over the last few months (i have been trying to lose weight for years but keep putting it on). I am now only 9lbs down from where I was in Jan. I am quite happy with how I look and there is no pressure from my friend to lose weight but I will feel shit being the elephant amongst these slim girls. I feel like it is too late to do much now but i will feel worse on the day if I am this size. I am 5ft 3 and 13st 8 so need to lose weight for my health. What can i do?

AngryFeet Fri 24-May-13 21:58:03


Peachypossum Sat 25-May-13 07:35:22


So you have four months, how much do you hope to lose? I want to lose another 9lbs for sept 1st!

I'm using an app called value diary that works the same as ww propoints, but costs £2.50 ;). It calculates the points for you, so daily points, activity points etc and you chart your progress and keep a food diary. I've lost 25lbs in 4 months. I see you've tried different diets, what didn't you like about them? I have been able to eat what I like in moderation and save my weekly points for relaxed weekends with nice food and wine! Do you think it would help to have a situation where you weigh in in a group or have a buddy on here to encourage you and keep you on track?

(My diet works like this:

Daily points set everyday, according to weight and height, I have 26 a day but started with 29, as you get lighter your daily points drop too, 26is as low as they go.

You get 49 weekly points on top to use how you want, I use mine for weekends - wine, bacon & egg etc as I find it easier to eat more sensibly in the week at work the enjoy the weekend! They are also good if you have a night out or BBQ etc so you don't feel restricted or hard done by! I think some people just spread them over the week, it's entirely up to you.

You can earn activity points on top! These can be eaten or saved, I earned 7 points last night at fight club and will earn the same at boot camp today. I get a point for walking the dogs. I try not to eat mine to boost weight loss, but I have on occasion and still lost weight smile

I've averaged a loss of around 1.7lbs a week, but some of that is coming from weight loss after an op so would say closer to 1lb a week. Slow but steady! )

I hope you find the way that suits you! Good luck!

Lastly, what's the dress like!!

juneau Sat 25-May-13 07:41:59

If you still have four months then I'd stop switching around between different diets, stick with one and really follow it properly. Join Weight Watchers or one of those ones where you have to go and be weighed each week and be part of a 'club', if you think you need that extra boost to MAKE you stick with it.

You've already lost 9lbs, which is a great start, but your BMI is 33.7 and that's incredibly dangerous for your health. So, quite apart from being a bridesmaid, which is for just one day, how about your commit to this to stave of diabetes and all other many life-threatening and life-limiting conditions you're currently at risk of? It might be worth getting yourself tested for food intolerances, while you're at it, in case that is contributing to your weight problems.

Limelight Sat 25-May-13 07:50:32

Slimming World or Weight Watchers my love. Something you have to commit to and which will support you while you get through the next few months.

Doesn't matter which. It's the routine, the structure, and the group which will help you.

Good luck grin

thezebrawearspurple Sun 26-May-13 21:38:43

Eat wholegrains, low gi fruits and veg, eggs, small amounts of cheese and a couple of times a week have some fresh fish or meat. Eat small portions (a sandwich should only contain one slice of wholegrain/wholemeal bread) measured by using side plates for every meal.

For exercise, Jillian Michaels exercise videos are amazing, they're all free on youtube so check them out before buying anything. You may only last a few minutes at first if your really unfit but keep going, in no time you'll be finishing the sessions no problem. You could also check out the pilates videos, kettlebells, zumba, tracy anderson dancing, yoga etc... Aim for at least an hour of intense exercise a day.

You lose weight by eating less but exercise will speed up size loss by toning you into good shape and speeding up your metabolism and burning fat. By September you might be able to lose 2-3 stone if you work very hard, an exercised 10-11 stone body will look much thinner and more appealing than it's non exercised equivalent so do both for best results!

Good lucksmile

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