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My fitness pal help please, I'm being so dim!

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TotallyBursar Thu 23-May-13 20:46:12

Ok, how, how do I add the 30 day shred to my exercise?

I use mfp on my phone and it separates exercise into cardio & strength, as you know. So far I have been listing all the exercises separately as well as I can. It doesn't seem to quite match up though.
I'm already a bit dubious about some of the calorie counts and have put some corrected ones on for me to use but the exercise calorie usage seems a bit generous as well.
I have no idea how to add or work out the shred total in real life though so I can gauge if it is in the right ball park.

It sounds daft but I just think if the food and exercise counts are both off then I would be better off using something else than spend 2 months getting used to wrong numbers (I'm really not very good at this you see!).
On the running machine the calories used is often a hundred or so lower than mfp.
What do you do?
It might be the shock of doing any exercise at all has got me befuddled!

eslteacher Thu 23-May-13 21:32:17

You can put it in as circuit training, which is as fairly accurate description.

Personally I looked at the figure mfp gave me for 20m circuit training, and also did a bit of googling along the lines of 'calories burned shred' and decided on 150 cals as a good guess for me. I manually enter that every time now, using the 'create an exercise' function.

But have just bought a heart rate monitor,which will hopefully enable me to be a bit more aaccurate.

TotallyBursar Fri 24-May-13 09:28:04

Thank you!
I will try and find the same - mfp says my calorie use would be wildly different than 150 so I'll have to have a Google and add my weight etc. I think.
Anyway yes thank you, I can be more accurate, enter it all in one go & not get so bored with doing it. Hurrah!

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