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New mummies with wibbly tummies RISE AGAIN!

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projectbabyweight Thu 23-May-13 16:18:50

Hi everyone,

Thought we'd start a new thread for new-ish mums with wibbly tums (+ thighs and bum in my case grin )
Old threads here

and here

Plus an old stats thread, though we could start a new one.

Everyone's following their own plan I think. Mine's a more or less low-carb affair, plus the 30 day shred. I've got 18lbs to lose, aiming for about 1lb/week - low due to love of chocolate grin

plonko Mon 27-May-13 10:12:29

LittleRed, good to know you're proof it works. Was put off low carbing by restrictions on fruit - I'm slightly addicted to apples. Huge omelette for breakfast, should keep me nicely full til lunch.

Very excited about this diet, it's completely different to anything I've tried before.

Wishfulmakeupping Mon 27-May-13 10:59:36

I'm feeling inspired think I've been using bf as an excuse for not losibg more weight I've been eating so much

therumoursaretrue Mon 27-May-13 11:00:54

Weights are my favourite too littlered! Just back from PT, had a great session this morning, feel like I could go back for round 2 now!

I'm in Northern Ireland.

plonko Mon 27-May-13 11:08:13

I'd love to get into weights but can't seem to juggle it with the baby! Before I got pg I was working in a very physical job lifting boxes of wine ten hours a day, hadn't set foot in a gym in 4 years and was a comfortable size 10! I may have to invest in some kettle bells.

I live in Derbyshire.

littleredmonkey Mon 27-May-13 20:00:47

Managed a two mile power walk and 2 mile pram jog. Bloody stiff as a board. Baby did not want to go to bed sods law. Always falls asleep on the boob and into his crib took an hour.
Never mind sleeping now. Early night as he wakes twice a night use to be once. Bugger poo

littleredmonkey Tue 28-May-13 08:40:37

Bloody arthritis in my knees playing up this morning. Must have been my run yesterday. Wheres the sun gone! !! 2 hours of walking again today. Will leave the running as weight training this evening. Only manage 30 mins as have to fit in tea. And all other domestic crap pre baby bed time. Would love to exercise later but shattered. God help me when I go back to work

Wishfulmakeupping Tue 28-May-13 09:38:53

You're on it littleredmonkey only exercise I've done this weekend is cleaning up the kitchen and googling Tracey Anderson arm workout. Not been to bad eating wise and although I'm trying not to weigh myself on a daily basis I think I've lost another pound

eagleray Tue 28-May-13 11:15:22

Morning all

Just done day 4 of the 30 day shred - it's getting a little easier now, and one big benefit I've found is that once I've done it (soon after I get up) I seem to have a lot more energy. Been putting it to good use and getting the house sorted out - lots of clearing out and hoovering to do!

Today was a bit more of a challenge as DP had to go off to work (he's kept Baby Eagleray amused while I've exercised). Luckily she was happy to sit next to the mat in her bouncer and stare at me...

Well done LRM on your continuing regime! I worked out that I'm losing weight 4 times slower than you have done - rubbish! Hoping to speed up the loss a teeny bit

I've got a couple of Tracey Anderson dvds Wishful but confess to having a short attention span and haven't done them for a loooonggg time...

Wishfulmakeupping Tue 28-May-13 18:40:30

How are you finding 30 day shrewd eagleray how long us each workout?

eagleray Tue 28-May-13 21:30:09

Hi Wishful the workout is approx 25 mins including warm up/down, which is just about manageable with a 4mo!

I found the first couple of days hard, but took little breaks of a few seconds to take some gulps of water then carried on. It's already getting a little bit easier, so I'm now focusing on getting breathing right and making the most of each exercise. I think the biggest benefit is that I am a lot more bouncy for the rest of the day - been on my feet most of the day today and making better choices re food (no idea why exercise would do this though, maybe it's the endorphins or something)

It's not going to be a miracle worker (nothing is going to restore me to my former self in a month) but it's certainly a step in the right direction smile

eagleray Tue 28-May-13 21:38:51

I must say, I'm a little shocked at how much I'm having to restrict my eating to lose any weight at all, despite BF! Strange how it seems to fall off some people and not others.

Wishfulmakeupping Tue 28-May-13 22:36:09

I think I will need to watch my diet more to start really getting the weight off now- I did start another thread about weight loss slowing down despite bf and most replies said that weight loss slowed until they stopped bf?!
I have been using bf as an excuse for eating lots of snacks think I should be snacking but not biscuits every time.
Might give 30 day shread a try too

eagleray Tue 28-May-13 22:47:54

I wonder if the body is trying to hold on to energy stores while you are BF?

I'm finding doing WW is really good for getting the right amount of food - before I did it I think I was kidding myself slightly and losing count of what I was eating as my weight was static. Having said that, the weight is still only coming off slowly despite sticking to the plan most weeks.

plonko Wed 29-May-13 09:25:11

I'm sure I heard that your body stores more fat when bfing so it's not like normal dieting... I hope I've not totally imagined that grin

I'm not bfing but am finding it much harder to lose weight post-baby. Maybe it's hormones? I think I need to go back to working in a warehouse and start flinging 8kg boxes about all day! I'm now on day 4 of no grains, legumes, unnatural sugars or processed food. Haven't really felt hungry but I think the lack of carbs is starting to set in. I know it'll pass but its so tempting to make a big bowl of pasta! LRD did you get this?

Not sure how much I've lost but I'm wearing my belt on a small hole now!

littleredmonkey Wed 29-May-13 09:46:52

Plonko. Oh yeh hated first week or so. But I do have a wicked treat at the weekends. When u get a few weeks under your belt. One hole less! !! U will be spurred on. If u fall off the wagon doesnt matter just get back on. Diets are hard. Exercise is hard but keep your goal in mind. I had 60 stickers on my fridge for the lbs I wanted to lose and took them off as I did. It's a good feeling to know I have only 2 stickers left. Bf wise no idea if it made a difference to be honest. I didnt exercise last night as ended up doing 3.5 hours walking so that was enough as baby not sleeping well at night. Did my 50 squats. Did 10 at a time while I nap change. Exercising and pampers! !!

plonko Wed 29-May-13 09:58:13

Oh I think the odd treat is necessary, if I'm eating healthily 6 days a week and losing weight then a pudding on the 7th will be a great reward.

Felt completely knackered yesterday and allowed myself a few squares of dark chocolate but otherwise this is the easiest diet I've ever been on. Now I just need to get weight training! As its pay day on Friday I think I'll be getting some kettle bells.

LRD you're an inspiration, love the stickers idea! My target is two stone down by my birthday (August 18) so I think I'll have to come up with a similar system. I will be a size ten again!

projectbabyweight Wed 29-May-13 11:03:25

Hi all, crikey I've put on a couple of lbs, boo! Renewing my efforts as of today.

Have started a new STATS thread under 'weight loss chat', please join me smile

therumoursaretrue Wed 29-May-13 13:35:52

Checking in. I've been at PT this morning, mini circuits and weights and TRX which killed! Feel good!

Struggling with food though, so tempted to snack on rubbish...not like me at all but I've been in bad form and I think I'm comfort eating hmm

BikiniPlease Wed 29-May-13 13:58:27

Renewed efforts here too!

Very inspired by you all managing to do so much exercise, I am determined to get the shred out today.

Weighed myself on the tiles(not carpet!) and added to the stats thread. No more hiding from the truth... Am planning to weigh once a week from now on.

littleredmonkey Wed 29-May-13 15:36:56

Pbw. Dont worry about it honey. I was wicked and had two McDonald's milkshakes over the weekend! !! So boo me. Be lucky if I lose anything but weight training for 30 mins later.
Plonko. Size 10 I can only dream of that siZe. I would have to train every day for months. Having an 8 month old I have no chance but chuffed being a 14 not a 22. But I shall keep chipping away ar the twins. That's what I call my ass

Wishfulmakeupping Wed 29-May-13 15:44:19

LRM do you think the low carbs is what's helped the most with weight loss or daily exercise or both?! The exercise side of things I think I can do but not low carbs I'm a veggie and carb mad!

eagleray Wed 29-May-13 17:47:10

Wishful I'm veggie too and trying to keep things low-ish carb but not going crazy with the restriction. I did once follow a virtually no carb veg diet (have got a book on it) but it was very hard and it actually felt weird as so many foods were excluded.

LRM the sticker idea is fab - I might do that. I did similar when I gave up smoking a few years ago and that worked a treat.

Been looking at my wobbly tummy in the mirror and wondering how much improvement is actually possible. I managed to get terrible stretch marks right at the very end of pregnancy and although they are less red the texture is just awful, plus everything just sags. Anyone got any ideas on realistic expectations?

plonko Wed 29-May-13 18:46:27

LRD I know I'll be a size ten again, I've a wardrobe full of clothes waiting for me/providing motivation. Although I think my hips are permanently widened.

I've discovered plank exercises. Really bloody hard but they make you feel your tummy muscles working quite like no other workout. Maybe you could try them, Eagle? I'm worried about tone too but think they could really help.

littleredmonkey Wed 29-May-13 19:29:08

Wishful. Defo both but for u could you have lower carbs. Replace white rice with brown. Same with bread. Pasta only once a week. Max out veg volume to reduce carbs. Potatoes replace with sweet potatoes. Just a few thoughts. I agree veg would be harder. Also replace higher carb fruit with lower. Banana replace with apple's or pears
Eagle. My tummy has gone down 90% to what it was. It will be hard to flat but once the weight is gone tone tone and more toning. Sit on your exercise ball feet on the floor and gentle with arms and hands together go backwards bring your hands back to your knees then back you should feel your abs pulling. Add weights to make it harder.

littleredmonkey Wed 29-May-13 19:31:58

Plonko. Agree planks are fab well no they suck but they do work. Also in plank position bring your right knee up to your left elbow and vis versa. They really suck

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