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New mummies with wibbly tummies RISE AGAIN!

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projectbabyweight Thu 23-May-13 16:18:50

Hi everyone,

Thought we'd start a new thread for new-ish mums with wibbly tums (+ thighs and bum in my case grin )
Old threads here

and here

Plus an old stats thread, though we could start a new one.

Everyone's following their own plan I think. Mine's a more or less low-carb affair, plus the 30 day shred. I've got 18lbs to lose, aiming for about 1lb/week - low due to love of chocolate grin

plonko Fri 24-May-13 11:20:21

Morning! Wasn't aware of the old thread as I've only just started taking this weight loss thing seriously.

My name is Plonko, my DS was born on 9/3/13, I've four inches/two stone to lose (but don't own scales) and writing this from my exercise bike.

I am about to start low carbing, as calorie counting didn't seem effective and I was always hungry. Any tips? I'd like to lose 2lbs a week (well, actually I'd like it to drop off!) grin

projectbabyweight Fri 24-May-13 11:45:58

Hi plonko! Thank goodness someone replied grin

Congrats on your ds, is he your first? <cliche question> I also had 2 stone to lose after having ds2 in November, of which I've lost 10lbs without much effort. I think it was mostly my body just resettling back to a slightly more normal weight. You might find that happens to you too.

I only lost 1 inch (from hips/bum) with that 10lbs though, maybe because I hardly exercised. It's tricky with 2 dcs to find the time. The 30 day shred is only 20 mins though so I've been doing that before bed.

I've got a wedding to go to in 6 weeks and I'm aiming to lose 1lb a week till then. Do you have an event to aim for?

littleredmonkey Fri 24-May-13 15:11:20

Hey project. Littleredmonkey signing in. Gained 4 stone with pregnancy. Since 1st Jan lost 3 stone 13 lbs. Very low carbs. No sugar. 2 hour walks daily with pram and weights twice a week. What to lose 7lbs and tone tone tone

projectbabyweight Fri 24-May-13 17:59:54

Littleredmonkey you are hardcore grin

plonko Fri 24-May-13 19:31:51

Wow littleredmonkey that's impressive! What do you eat? I'm a bit stuck for ideas.

Project thanks smile yes he's my first. I'm aiming for late August as we've got a holiday booked and I want to get in the pool. I also find it hard to fit in exercise - maybe I will take a leaf out of Little's book! It's quite easy for us to get out walking now I'm more confident with his feeding routine etc, but perhaps not every day. I spent this morning looking into low carbing (the boot camp on MN) and am a bit scared!

Lawabidingmama Fri 24-May-13 22:29:08

Can I join in? I'm not technically a'new mummy' but I have a wibbly tummy blush I've not really attempted to do much to shift the pounds! I've got DD1 who is 3 and DD2 14 months, I feel I've not got any excuse now and need to get motivated! I'm 5'4'' 9st 7 I want to shed 10lbs. I used to do a bit if exercise Pre DC but since DD1 haven't got back into it, need a firm shove in the right direction!

Wishfulmakeupping Fri 24-May-13 22:33:15

Hi all, I've lost 2 stone since dd was born end of jan, need to lose another 2. Have not been trying at all been eating far too much sweet stuff hoping this thread will inspire me to start eating better smile

eagleray Sat 25-May-13 00:16:04

Hello - DD born end of Jan, stupidly believed that with BF the weight would fall off, then by easter I faced up to the awful truth that the only weight I had lost was in the first week after the birth, and it seemed to be creeping up again!

Been doing WW since then - am vegetarian, try to exercise daily (even if just a walk) and lost about 4kg so far. Oh, and hopefully starting the 30 day shred properly tomorrow if I get time.

Was 80kg a year ago at time of BFP, went up to 100kg by due date, lost 10kg in first week after birth and have lost another 4kg through WW. Will be delighted to get back down to 80kg, then I will tackle the rest...

My body is shot at the moment sad and am wondering how much restoration work is possible - tummy is v saggy and not sure how much improvement is feasible - anyone got any ideas?

Waves at Littleredmonkey - you have done awesomely well

littleredmonkey Sat 25-May-13 19:45:22

Hi eagle. Thanks honey. Chuffed this morning got on the scales lost 4stone 2lbs. So am 5foot 11 and did weigh 16s 7 lbs now 12s 5.
Hi plonko. Food wise I am crap at cooking. But breakfast 4 poached eggs. Lunch. Salad and masses of it with either ham or tuna and a bit of mayo low fat. Tea chilli or sweet and sour chicken or spaghetti bog all with brown rice. Lots of protein with fish and steamed Vega and lots of em. Bit of fruit banana usually.
Exercise. 2 hour pram walks a day baby won't sleep in his crib so forced excersise. I walk up hills to make it hard. I power walk and do lunges while walking. Thank god for my country lanes at the back of the village as I must look a prat. Weight lifting. Dumb bells. Kettle bells and bench pressing. Lots of squats and lunges twice a week
I still want to lose another 5lbs.

littleredmonkey Sat 25-May-13 19:47:01

Eagle. Have u got an exercise ball ?honey?

BikiniPlease Sat 25-May-13 20:10:50


Littleredmonkey and Wishful - wow!

I put on three stone, lost half stone immediately and a few more lbs in the following weeks after birth, but crept back on with all the sitting around feeding and eating chocolate.

Now 12 st 8 and want to get to 9 st 8ish eventually, be happy with 10.7 by the end of the summer when we have a beach holiday - argh! I'm 5 ft 7.

Definitely wobbly tummy plus huge rolling hips and thighs - mmm...

Planning to cut 'bad' carbs and sugar and do the 30 day shred which I read about on here.

Finding it difficult with breastfeeding and feel like my idea of what's 'normal' eating completely gone with pregnancy etc.

eagleray Sat 25-May-13 20:45:09

v interesting reading about your diet and exercise LRM - you've worked so hard!!

Today has been a fairly good day - weighed myself and have lost 1lb, bringing loss since 1st April to 8lbs. Not huge amount but it's not a gain! Also did proper day 1 of 30 day shred, and will do same again tomorrow.

I'm quite lucky in that we have a room in the basement full of exercise stuff and baby things (bike on a turbo trainer, kettle bells, mat etc plus jumperoo, baby bouncer and so on) so it's all set up for baby amusement and exercise!

Re these beach holidays that some posters have... we actually went on holiday earlier this month and I was mortified at not having lost much weight. In the end, I took the plunge, put the maternity bikini on and got on with it. Felt hideous but got fed up with hiding under a giant sundress!

LRM do you mean an inflatable one? Yes got one somewhere but don't think it's inflated

projectbabyweight Sun 26-May-13 06:28:44

Hi ladies! This thread is shaping up nicely - like we're going to!

I've got a big family party today, so avoiding the treats could be tricky. Will try to distract myself by talking a lot (shouldn't be hard!)

Shall we start a new stats thread to go with this one? I found it vey helpful last time.

BikiniPlease Sun 26-May-13 11:50:59

Yes, sorry I re-read your post and stats thread sounds like a great idea, then do we update each week?

Good luck everyone with parties and bank holiday barbecues!

Wishfulmakeupping Sun 26-May-13 12:02:29

Thanks bikiniI will be updating each week and I'll be honest hopefully it will help me to make better choices. I'm lighter now than before pregnancy as only put on a stone but I REALLY needed to lose weight before Iyswim

littleredmonkey can I be nosey
and ask what dress size you are currently in I went up to 16.7 too during pregnancy down to 14.7 now wearing size 16-18 and I'm 5.10 so little bit shorter than you I'm aiming for around 12 you sound like you've done fab smile

littleredmonkey Sun 26-May-13 20:07:47

Hi wishful. Dont mind u asking honey. Was size 22. Now 14 bottom abit snug and size 12/10 top. I would like to be a 12 bottom that is my problem area. Hard as hell to shift my ass

littleredmonkey Sun 26-May-13 20:09:37

Squat challenge ladies. 50 a day to start. Do em however and when ever but got to be 50 and ass to the grass. Who is up for it! !!

Wishfulmakeupping Sun 26-May-13 22:23:55

Go on then I'm in littleredmonkey

plonko Mon 27-May-13 06:04:02

LittleRedMonkey I've been totally inspired by your awesome weight loss. I've spent so much time this weekend looking at different diets and exercise regimes and...well the low carb thing was never going to suit me. But I've read a lot into the principles of the Paleo diet, and really like the sound of it.

So starting now I'm on a nothing processed, low dairy, high protein, shedloads of fruit and veg, and high fat diet with lots of walking and short bursts of intense exercise. The most important thing is that dp and I can eat the same (ish) without me driving him crazy. It feels like an enormous adaptation to imagine going without pasta and rice but its going to worth it. Calorie counting just makes me too hungry!

Scrambled eggs for breakfast methinks...

littleredmonkey Mon 27-May-13 08:45:06

Plonko sounds fab that's the diet I use except I have brown rice twice a week. Bf so need to keep up some carbs.
So tired been up since 4:45 however Sun is shining
Had 4 poached eggs and yogurt for breekie

littleredmonkey Mon 27-May-13 08:49:24

Doing power walk with pram. Adding in some lunges just for a laugh not. !!!!

therumoursaretrue Mon 27-May-13 09:17:41

Oh I'd love to join. DS is 9 months old but I'm only really getting a chance to focus on weightloss now as I've been finishing a degree!

I'm doing PT sessions 3 times a week plus walking as much as I can, and some weights/cardio in between. Have lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks so far and hoping if I modify my diet a bit this will help. Aiming for another 20lbs off.

littleredmonkey Mon 27-May-13 09:31:41

Welcome therumour. Doing weights as well my favorite! ! where does everyone live? I am in Lincoln

TheDetective Mon 27-May-13 09:52:37

Another November mum here! I didn't gain any weight in pregnancy. I was 14st 6 all the way through. First time I weighed myself afterwards was when DS was 13 days and yup I was 14st 6. 6 week check gave me the same weight also.

Figured I didn't need to worry too much and that if I wanted to lose weight I'd do it when I was ready.

When DS was 15 weeks I was back in clinic being seen due to a broken fanjo. I was weighed and nearly died. In 9 weeks I'd put on 10kg or 1 st 10lb!!!!!!!

So that was that I knew I had to get it off. And more.

I joined SW on 27th April and to date I've lost 1st 1lb. DP has lost the same. We are doing it together smile

Finding it fairly easy and enjoying it!

I want to get to 11st as that puts me at 12-14 and I'm happy with that. Also I can sustain it which I can't do any lower. smile

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