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plonko Wed 22-May-13 10:59:15

I'm desperate to lose at least two stone/four inches from my belly. I had a baby 10 weeks ago, and feel a lot bigger than i did pre-baby. I know some will come off naturally and some will require a little work. I'm incredibly impatient and my new size is making me feel pretty crappy.

I had my postnatal check two weeks ago, blood pressure etc fine but the scales showed 12st 5 and I actually cried. I've been calorie counting and going on my exercise bike every other day for 20 mins. I just wondered if anyone has any advice for postnatal exercise/diets that actually work? I am not breast feeding and feel like I've healed pretty well so I'm willing to give anything a go!

Octopus37 Wed 22-May-13 12:15:44

Hi, first thing I would say is to give yourself time, you are only 10 weeks in to having a new baby, so please go easy on yourself. After I had my first DS, found that by walking everywhere loads with the buggy, my weight really dropped and I toned up. Also re calories, the best thing I can suggest is to write down everything that you eat, I don't believe that you have to go down to some depressingly low calorie level to lose weight, I think you can lose weight steadily on considerably more. I have found that writing down what I eat helps me to feel more in control. Above all give yourself time and maybe treat yourself to one or two items of clothing that you feel flatter you to wear in the meantime. Good luck

postmanpatscat Wed 22-May-13 12:18:53

There are several new mums on the 5:2 thread, pop over and have a read through. Congrats on your little one!

plonko Wed 22-May-13 19:20:28

Thanks Octopus, I took advantage of the lovely weather here today and went for a good long walk with DS in the pushchair. I've been trying to write down everything I eat. It's been great for stopping the secret snacking but I keep forgetting to do it. Oh well, I guess it'll come off steadily if I keep on this track!

Postman I'm a bit dubious of the 5:2 diet - I'm not sure id be able to achieve anything on fast days. I'll have a look on the thread though, cheers for pointing it out.

eslteacher Wed 22-May-13 19:56:42

Plonko, if you're recording what you eat you could try the My Fitness Pal ap for smartphone (it also works via website). I have been using it to track what I eat and how much exercise I do, and I love it. I've set myself quite a lenient daily calorie target, but I've still been seeing steady, gradual results in the few weeks that I've been using MFP.

Can't advise re: shifting baby weight specifically though, sorry. Congrats on the baby though, and good luck - I'm sure you'll get there.

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