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Can anyone help me understand Herbal Life?

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Tournament Mon 13-May-13 12:29:51

A friend of mine has been losing weight for about 3 years, she's done brilliantly (has about 5 stones to lose) and has done it by sensible eating and exercising. However, she still has another 1.5 stones to go and it seems to have stalled. As a result, she's trying every fad she can find and the latest is Herbal Life. She's still not losing weight.

I admit, I'm coming from the position of sceptic and I can't fully understand he position. Personally, I watch what I eat, to be healthy and exercise regularly, but I've never had a weight problem- have been the same weight, give or take half a stone for the last 30 years (except when pregnant and for the 12 months or so afterwards)

The whole Herbal Life thing seems all wrong to me, even if it works, "real" food has to be better for you, hasn't it? Even if it works, what happens when you finish and go back to eating "normally" It doesn't teach you new habits.

Anyway, the Herbal Life people have her convinced she's not losing weight because she's doing too much exercise/not eating enough for the amount exercise she's doing. This sounds like nonsense to me. IMO the only possible reason she's not losing must be because she's eating more than she thinks she is. (e.g. bigger portions and forgotten snacks)

I have been supporting her with this for years, but I'm finding this really hard. I know I'm being cynical and negative when she talks about and I need to stop. So, is there any sense in it?

Tournament Mon 13-May-13 18:51:47


Cravingdairy Mon 13-May-13 18:59:59

Your friend has done amazingly well to lose all that weight. I don't know much about HL except I don't know anyone who has stuck with it long. You have to let your friend make her own mistakes and change the subject if you have to.

Tournament Mon 13-May-13 19:05:42

I know Craving, she's amazing, but she keeps telling me about what she's "learned" and about how much more she understands nutrition since she's been dealing with HL people. I just want to shout NO! And ask how much they're charging for this quackery

barnet Mon 13-May-13 19:13:24

My experience of Herbal Life was that the person running the sessions (its like a franchise) gets a cut of whatever products they manage to sell. Eg low carb chocolate bars/ special meal shakes/ meal bars etc. It is set up to sell products, to a captive audience- some people run the courses out of their home, so it has the feeling of a support group.
I didnt find the nutritional info good, it was too obviously just sales pitch for the products.

barnet Mon 13-May-13 19:15:01

Oh and look online about them- i remember they got in trouble for false selling at one point.

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